Sexy Valentine’s Day gifts for you

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples (or bemoaning your single status by stuffing yourself with chocolate). Show yourself some love and pickup a fun and sexy gift that’s just for you. Below are our ten favorite picks this Valentine’s Day.

Woman with Valentine's Day Gift Bag

1. The Lelo Iris

Dubbed the Ferrari of vibrators, the Lelo Iris luxury personal massager is both sleek in appearance and powerful under the hood. With dual motors and five stimulation modes to choose from, it won’t
be long before your own engines are purring. $98.99 at

2. Edible Body Bling Shimmering Powder

Dust this super-glittery, edible vanilla powder on your eyelids, cheekbones, or décolleté – wherever you want to draw attention to and surprise your crush by asking him if he
would like to taste you. It comes complete with a cute zebra print powder puff and can be mixed with a clear lip-gloss for extra sparkle. $12.50 at

3. The Tinge

You will never have a dull moment with the Tinge vibrator. Disguised as a fully functional razor, this cute, pink and white waterproof toy is as discreet as it is fun. The Tinge makes for a great
travel vibrator (no need to blush anymore when having your bags screened at airport security!) and is completely safe. While shaving, the razor smart cap disables the vibrator motor when the cap is
removed. $145 at

4. Body Splash with Pheromones

Infused with white and green tea extracts, the Kiss with Pheromones Body Splash in Plumeria has a refreshing, sweet smell, reminiscent of a Bath & Body Works scent, but with the added bonus of
pheromones. Pheromones are natural chemicals your body produces that send subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex to trigger attraction, making this the perfect perfume to wear on a date.
$18 at

5. Hot Heart Massager

It’s amazing what technology has given us: space shuttles, microwaves, and now this amazing heart-shaped massager that heats up on its own. No need to cook it, you simply bend a small metal disc
inside of the Hot Heart Massager to activate it and it warms to a comfortable temperature of 129 degrees Fahrenheit. Combined with a soy candle, you can simulate a hot stone back massage in the
comfort and privacy of your own home. $14 at

6. Love Songs by Ella Fitzgerald

Ella’s voice is just magic. Every song on this soothing compilation CD can be perfectly accompanied by a glass of wine or just sinking down into a warm, bubble bath as you listen. $11.98 at

7. Soy Candles

Unlike wax or paraffin, soy candles do not burn the skin, allowing you to sexily smear the soft, creamy soy wax onto your lover’s back as massage oil or onto yourself as a moisturizer. Holistic
Wisdom’s crème brule soy candle is one of the best we’ve ever smelled. $6.99 at

8. 7-Function Insatiable Rose Vibrator

The G-spot has much in common with the Loch Ness Monster. Both are said to exist, but only a select few people know of their whereabouts. However, with seven modes of vibration, this multi-tasking,
soft, jelly vibrator will simultaneously help you discover your g-spot and stimulate your clitoris with its dual bullet arousers. $26.25 at

9. Hemp Seed Oil Lotions

Not just for hippies, hemp seed oil is renowned for its skin moisturizing properties. Although it’s illegal to grow hemp in the U.S., fans of the oil can reap its benefits through skin care
products such as the Wet Set Earthly Body Hemp-Based Skin Care gift set, which includes hand and body lotion, shower gel, and a candle made of both hemp and soy. $6.99 at

10. The Sneaky Sack

Discreetly store your sex toys and other personal objects away from prying eyes with the Sneaky Sack. Available in five vibrant colors, the Sneaky Sack comes with a lock and key and can be hung up
on a hanger in the back of your closet (and/or covered with a clothing garment for even more secrecy!) $59.95 at

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