Valentine’s Day pet gifts

The love of your life is… an animal! What do you give him for Valentine’s Day? Here are some playful and yummy ideas for Valentine’s Day pet gifts.

Dog with Valentine's Day HeartWho doesn’t go out drinking with his buddies, won’t gossip about you, never leaves the toilet seat up, and adores you even if you’ve put on 10 pounds and you haven’t shaved your legs in a week? That’s right – your pet! Dog or cat, their world revolves around you… and food, of course.

So, when you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts, don’t forget to pick one up for the one sweetie who will love you to the ends of the earth, or at least, to the end of the leash.

“Why have ’em if you can’t spoil ’em!” says Sam Somers, owner of Bonnie’s Barkery in Cave Creek, Arizona. It’s pets, not kids, she’s talking about and so many of us do spoil them. How many times have we tossed a special pet treat or surprise into the grocery cart while shopping? In fact, in Sam’s opinion, “People treat their pets better than they treat their spouses.” Could there be some truth in that? If our husbands bark at us, we bark back. If our dog barks at us… what do we do? We give him a treat.

In fact, a new FemiNation poll by Lifetime Networks shows that 89 percent of women 18-49 will spend as much or more on their pets in 2009 despite the economic downturn. Read more about the survey!

Sam walked me around Bonnie’s Barkery pointing out some great Valentine’s Day pet gifts. If you’re stymied on what to pick up for Fluffy or Big Boy, consider some of these. They’re not all practical, but they’re fun… just like Valentine’s Day.


  • Lazy Dog cookies: Cookies yummy-looking enough to tempt even a human bite! These eye-catching cookies are soft-baked with organic grains and flours from recipes especially designed around the health and well being of pets.
  • Room Candy stuffed animals: No. They’re not edible, but your pup will sure have fun playing with these adorable fuzzy stuffed monkeys, lions elephants and mice.
  • Hol-ee Roller by JW Pet: This is a durable honey combed ball chew toy that your dog can’t destroy. It comes in small, medium and large dog sizes and in a variety of bright colors. Jimbo may even let you play with it too.
  • Talking Rose Dog Toy: Made of plush, velvety material, this dog toy rose says, “I love you, I love you” when squeezed. It comes in large and small dog sizes. A little squeeze by your pup will get the message across.
  • Petco Cuddler Bed: We all like a soft, cuddly bed for a nice afternoon snooze. Your dog does too. Cozy, new beds are always great for Valentine’s Day pet gifts.


  • Crazy Circle by Pet Mate: Drive your cat crazy chasing this ball around in circles. Various companies manufacture similar toys. Cats love ’em and they entertain us too.
  • Chill Pill by Loopies: These 3 1/2 inch long plush pill-shaped cat toys are filled with catnip and fit nicely in a pair of paws. These are pills your cat will love taking!
  • Bellyrubs: It’s no secret that cats love fish, so the scent of these fat, dry flakes made from 100% Bonita tuna should really drive Tiger wild. This treat is rich in Omega 3’s, making it healthy too.
  • Kong Kickeroo: Your kitty will enjoy wrestling with this rectangular stuffed toy. Not only does it have a tail and appeals to its instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey, but it also has the enticing aroma of catnip.
  • Peacock Feathers: If you’re looking for a gift that’s inexpensive and catches your cat’s attention, then a peacock feather is the answer. After all, we know cats are so easy to entertain.

HOMEMADE Valentine’s Day pet gifts on a budget!

Don’t leave your pet out of the Valentine’s Day celebrations just because times are tight, be creative!

DOGS: Knot together your old, holey socks. Right off your feet is the smell they like best.
CATS: ANY empty box. It’s as simple as that… any empty box!

Sam says, “A lot of people, with this economy the way it is, will eat macaroni and cheese before they cut back anything for their pets.” For many of us, that means Valentine’s Day pet gifts, as well. My guess is Sam must be well stocked on macaroni and cheese because she admits, “Only the best for my one true love… my dog!”

Resource: Samantha Somers, Bonnie’s Barkery,, Cave Creek, AZ

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