10 Last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts

Running out of time to find that special something? With a little creativity, you can quickly put together fun, personal Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone in your family. Just head to your local drugstore or grocery store with your loved ones – and these 10 ideas – in mind.

Valentine's Day Gift

1. “Me Time” Set

Know someone who’s overworked, overtired, and just over it? (Besides you!) Give her the gift of some quality “me time.” Fill a canvas bag with a few great alone-time treats, like a bottle of wine, a
box of chocolates, a candle, an eye mask and a journal or paperback novel, all available at a drugstore or market. Of course, there’s no such thing as “me time” with the kids around, so you’ll also
have to include a handmade gift certificate worth a few hours of free babysitting.

2. Animal Adventure

Looking for a wild gift for an adventurous kid? Pick up an adorable stuffed animal, some animals stickers and a box of animal crackers, then attach a homemade gift certificate for a trip to the local
zoo. Not only will the child have some fun stuff for Valentine’s Day, she’ll get some quality time with you.

3. Breakfast-in-Bed Set

Give the magical gift of a lazy Valentine’s Day morning with a breakfast-in-bed set. Pick up a tray at a drugstore, then hit the market to stock up on some non-perishable breakfast essentials,
like biscuit, muffin, or pancake mix, oatmeal, coffee, and tea. To add a little flair, include some authentic maple syrup, a jar of gourmet jam, or a bottle of champagne for mimosas.

4. Arts & Crafts Bucket

You don’t have to hit a specialty store to get great art supplies — kids never seem to tire of the ordinary art items most drugstores and grocery stores carry. Get a brightly-colored pail, then
fill it to the brim with crayons, markers, colored pencils, water colors, stencils, stickers, scissors, glue, colored paper, and of course, glitter – lots of it!

5. Mama Mia!

Give the joy of cooking a hearty, homemade Italian dinner without the job of shopping. Fill a basket with all the makings for a great meal – a bag of crostini from the grocery store’s bakery, a box
of noodles, a jar of gourmet sauce, a loaf of bread, a head of garlic, and of course, a nice bottle of wine. Round it out with a red-checkered table cloth, candles, and some biscotti for dessert.

6. Everything Chocolate

Some people don’t like chocolate. And then there’s the rest of the world. Indulge the cocoa-bean worshipper in your life with a basket overflowing with chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. The
key to making this gift special is presentation: don’t just hand over a box of candy – embrace chocolate in its many forms. Fill a chocolate-colored bag or basket with chocolate bars, chocolate
chips, hot cocoa, mocha-flavored coffee, and even some chocolate covered strawberries.

7. The Big Beauty Bundle

What woman doesn’t love to experiment with makeup? Problem is, most gals aren’t always willing to troll the beauty aisle for an hour when the grocery list is half a mile long. So, here’s a cheeky
surprise: At your local drugstore, pick out a little travel cosmetic bag – or even better, one of those cute plastic makeup organizers – and fill it with all the beauty products that would look great
on her skin tone.

8. Photo Fun

It’s simple and quick, yet always appreciated: Hop onto your computer and go through your digital photos. Pick out a few great shots, print them on photo paper, and put them in frames bought at the
drugstore. Better yet, many drugstores have special services that can turn your personal photos into unique gifts in a flash. Ask how long it will take to create photo calendar, T-shirt, or mug.

9. Spa-to-Go

Help your loved one de-stress with a collection of bath essentials that are packed and ready to use anywhere. Grab a loofah sponge, a bath brush, fragrant soaps, and a fun bubble bath, and you’ve
just created an evening of less “Pampers” and more pampering. Add a rich lotion or two and a packet of chamomile tea, and you’re golden.

10. Themed Book-Bag

No matter what the person’s interest, a collection of books surrounding their favorite topic always makes a great gift and all it takes is a quick trip to the bookstore – or well-stocked drugstore.
Tie it together with a good-looking tote, and your gift will be remembered as thoughtful and unique.

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