8 Places to find a date in time for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. You can hang with the girls, but you’d rather have a bit of romance. It’s that time and you need a date! What’s a girl to do with so little time to meet someone? Don’t worry, there are plenty of avenues to take in order to land that great date for the upcoming love season. Read on for 8 ideas on where to find a date…

Office Romance

A bar

Yes, this is an obvious choice. Although some say that meeting a man at a bar is not their ideal, doing so can produce dating – even marriage – success. Heck, you’re at the bar,
too. And there’s nothing wrong with you, right? So next time you’re having drinks with the girls or co-workers, keep your eyes peeled for a nice guy. Odds are, you’ll have to
approach him because nice guys tend to also be on the shy guy. Beware of men who are making rounds and are total players.

A bookstore

I’ve met many-a-men at Barnes & Noble – true story. I’m not sure what it is, but people sitting at the café in bookstores are friendly and on the prowl. And the best
part is, it’s a great spot to meet a literate, intelligent, and well-rounded guy. After all, they are likely there reading books or magazines to expand their knowledge. Sit next to the first
hottie you see and make some small talk. Fingers crossed that he’s not already taken and is interested in you, too.

At the office

While some girls have a rule they’ve created for themselves – never date a co-worker – I’m going to have to say to ignore it in certain circumstances. If your office crush
is not working directly with you, in a different department, sits nowhere near you, I think it’s okay to consider him for a date. You are at work more than anywhere else, why not make the
time to check out the single scene during office hours? If your office crush isn’t boyfriend material, after all, just stay cordial but move on quickly.


Myspace, Facebook, Match, eHarmony – just some sites you can check out when searching for dates. While some are free social networking sites, others (like those specific to dating) are easier
ways to find dates. And trust me – I’ve tried all such methods – you can’t go wrong. Sure, your dates might be a tad awkward or borderline horrible, but at least
you’ll have stories to tell your girlfriends. And, you never know, you might find a rare gem in the dating pool and he may become your next boyfriend. Just choose wisely. Check out their
profiles and make sure they mean well before you agree to meet them at a very-public venue.

A friend’s party

You’re sipping a glass of wine at your friend’s birthday shindig, and he walks in. You don’t know who he is – you’ve never met this friend before, he must be a friend
of a friend. Lucky for you, you can reap the benefits of having buds with available friends. At that next social gathering you attend, look as cute as ever because you never know who might be
walking through the door.

Speed dating

Seven minutes is enough to meet someone cool. And the best part about speed-dating events is that you’ll have the opportunity to meet more than one fellow. In fact, you might meet seven or
more. After you get their bottom lines – jobs, ages, backgrounds, etc. – you can assess who is worthy of a real date. No harm, no foul – if no one strikes your fancy, you can hit
up the bar and find someone the old-fashioned way.

A wedding

Everyone seems to say that weddings are a great place to find dates. Just be sure not to find the guy who’s crying on the corner wishing he were next to get hitched… Okay, so maybe
guys don’t think that way – it’s usually us, ladies who do – but the joyous gathering might bring about some romanticism in other guests and some cutie might ask you to
dance to “The Way You Look Tonight.” Keep your eyes peeled for bachelors!

A fix-up

Blind dates can be really fun. Since someone will be vouching for this man you will be hanging out with, how bad could it be, right? You never know, your friend might know you better than you think
and introduce you to someone so awesome you’d be eternally grateful. If the date doesn’t go well, however, then at least you have a new friend and he may fix you up with someone he


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