How to have the perfect first date

Here are 5 ways to tell you’ve had the perfect first date. (Could he be the one??)

Couple on First Date


I’ve been single for a few months now, and like any newly single girl would do, I’ve been dating… a lot. It’s nothing strange, really. It’s like shopping for shoes – I’m just trying on different pairs to see what fits, what looks good and what feels good.

During my dating escapades, however, I was beginning to notice that not every date will strike my fancy. Some guys may seem great at first meeting, but when the first date comes, they miss the mark. For the most part, it’s not them I’m sure. Some just don’t know how to take girls out.

Recently, I had a perfect date. It wasn’t the first date with Frank, but it was perfect nonetheless. I’m going to tell you about it in hopes that you, too, will have a perfect date with the next man in your life. Fingers crossed that your date follows in Frank’s footsteps:



He plans ahead

Frank made the plans. He called, asked me out, set a date, and picked a spot. I adore a man who takes charge, not to mention puts thought into hanging out with you. That shows he really cares to show you a good time and wants to impress you.



He is chivalrous

Frank came to my apartment. He met me outside my apartment, greeted me hello, and opened my car door for me. At that point, I was nearly sold. A gentleman? Really? It’s not often men will hold doors for ladies anymore. You usually find yourself hopping in or – worse – not being picked up at all.


He makes you laugh

During dinner, conversation was great. There was an equal exchange of giggles, stories, answers to questions. Conversation is like the date barometer. If you’re bored as heck during the date, it’s not a perfect one. In fact, it might even be a really bad one. Add laughter to the mix, and you have a recipe for something kind of wonderful.


He holds your hand

Call me old-fashioned, but there’s nothing like a man taking your hand to help you over puddles and when crossing the street to make you feel like a lady. Frank did just that. And the cutest part is, after we were over the puddle, he didn’t let go.


He kisses you (gently) good night

Yes, no makeout sessions on the first date, please. You should expect to be treated like a lady on the first date. A groping session on first coital doesn’t seem very romantic. And to top it all off, you’ll never know if he likes you for you or likes you for… something else.

After all is said and done, I can’t say that having a perfect first date will be an easy task. Your date can follow all of the moves Frank made on our date right down to the tee, but it just may not translate. At the end of the day, it really isn’t about the things your date does, it’s about who the date is. Choose wisely, girls!

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