15 Creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

When planning Valentine’s Day with your honey this year, think outside the “dinner and a movie” box. The memories are sure to be sweeter and longer-lasting if you try one (or more!) of these creative and romantic ideas.

Couple Drinking Wine at Sunset

1. Go on a sexy/romantic scavenger hunt.
(Make the items things that you are not embarrassed to ask your neighbors for, however!)

2. Make a top 10 list of reasons you love each other. Make them wallet size and laminate them. Keep them in your wallets.

3. Get makeovers together.

4. Take a cooking class together.

5. Get tattoos symbolizing your love for one another.

6. Watch the sunrise or sunset together. (Extra credit for both!)

7. Volunteer together. Donate your time to feeding the homeless, caring for puppies at a local shelter or spending time with Alzheimer’s patients.

8. Build a sand castle on the beach (or at a local park).

9. Spend the day at the spa together.

10. Bond without saying a word by taking a couple’s yoga class together.

11. Enjoy a couple’s retreat. This does not have to be for couples in trouble! Couple’s retreats can help you discover a new element to your relationship.

12. Have several bouquets of flowers (different kinds!) delivered to his/her office and home at different times throughout the day.

13. Plan a surprise trip (even if it’s just for one night) to a special place he/she has always wanted to go. Or book a stay at a local resort. Order room service.

14. Spend the night singing cheesy love songs to each other (or some duets!) at a karaoke bar.

15. Go to a lingerie store and let him pick his favorites. Model them for him when you get home.


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