Valentine’s Day: How to host a couple’s party

Is Valentine’s Day really a holiday for which you can say “the more, the merrier”? It can be, if done properly. Why not plan a couple’s party this year?

Placesetting for Couples

While most couples spend February 14 with just their significant other, a couple’s party can be a very fun and different way to celebrate heart day. Here, we offer some tips and suggestions for
throwing a great couple’s party on Valentine’s Day or anytime of year!

Keep the invitation list fairly short and sweet — including just family and close friends. While it seems
that being part of a couple would be one of the requirements to make the invite list, don’t count out your single friends! Let them know they are welcome to bring dates, or use this as an
opportunity to play matchmaker — set them up with other singles that you think they might jive with. However, it is probably a good idea to introduce them before the party so they can get to know
each other a bit and decide whether or not they would like to meet up again at the party.

Keep the theme classy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be sensual. Decorate simply with a few candles
(unscented!) and elegant floral arrangements. Set up the main entertaining room with intimate sitting areas as well as a dining table with enough seats for each of your guests. Include place
settings and name cards. Place a small token on each place — such as a sachet, a small bottle of bubble bath or even some sexy dice.

Go all out when it comes to the food. Eating — especially with your hands — or feeding one another can be
an erotic experience. Set the stage for a little couple’s flirtation by serving fondue (cheese with veggies and bread for an appetizer; chocolate with fruit, cheesecake and brownies for dessert).
Incorporate foods that are said to be aphrodisiacs — such as caviar, figs, oysters and truffle mushrooms — into the menu. Don’t forget the cocktails! Serve sexy sips such as Sex on the
Beach, champagne (another aphrodisiac), wine with dinner and ice wine with dessert.

Line up after-dinner entertainment or activities. If your entertaining space allows, create a makeshift
dance floor and turn the music up after dessert. Play a fun board game or a TV game such as the Newlywed Game DVD edition. If the group you’ve invited is pretty tight-knit, you can even make up
your own game personalized for your guests. Make a list of questions, with at least one question that can be attributed to each couple. For example: “We had an ice cream bar at our wedding instead
of the traditional wedding cake. Who are we?” Tally the number of correct answers each guest had and offer a sexy prize for the winner!

A couple’s party can be a great way to share this special holiday dedicated to love with those you love the most – your friends and family. Since many couple’s do dedicate the actual day to
on another, consider hosting your party the day before or the day after Valentine’s Day.


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