Are you girlfriend material?

In the mood for love? Being a girlfriend is something many of us seem to fall into — but how do you know if you’re ready to give up singlehood, or even that you’ll be good at it? Ask yourself these questions to find out if you are girlfriend material.

Single Woman1.    Do
you have time for a relationship?

In order to carve out a deep, intimate relationship with someone, you need to have time to nourish it. Can you maintain your own schedule of work, school, friends and hobbies — all extremely
important — while carving out at least a couple of hours a day, several times a week for your guy?

2.    Are you happy?

Are you generally satisfied with your life on a day-to-day basis? Or do you think snagging a man will solve all your problems? Your relationship should complement your already satisfying life.

3.    Did you just end a relationship?

Jumping into a new relationship on the rebound is rarely a good idea. Instead of relishing your new guy for everything he is, you will be projecting the unfinished business of your last
relationship, and the insecurities it caused, on him. If you are just out of a serious relationship, stay in casual dating mode for a while until your heart is in a less vulnerable place.

4.    How high-maintenance are you?

Very few men want to be with a woman who is demanding, requires expensive nights on the town for every date, and can’t be spontaneous because it takes her hours to get ready to go anywhere. A
woman who is carefree enough to roll with the punches, enjoys beer and pizza as much as champagne and caviar and can spend a weekend camping without complaining about leaving her flat iron at home
is definitely girlfriend material.

5.    Are you financially independent?

Men usually don’t mind paying for dates, but when they start paying your rent you cease to be a girlfriend and become the textbook definition of a kept woman. If you can’t afford to
support the lifestyle you crave yourself, then your focus should be on boosting your career and income, not on finding a sugar daddy.

6.    Do you take care of yourself?

Men don’t expect real women to be supermodels, but they do seek women who have enough self-respect to stay in shape and dress nicely. The old adage rings true: if you don’t love
yourself, no one else will. Love yourself enough to trim your split ends and get a pedicure, for heaven’s sake.

7.    Can you carry on an intelligent conversation about current events?

The art of conversation is a must in every relationship. Not only will you be talking with him, you will also be conversing with his friends, his family and his coworkers — and no man wants to
introduce a woman who thinks “If it’s not on E! News, it’s not important” to his boss.

8.    Can you show your softer side?

A woman’s strength and confidence is her greatest asset, but men need to be needed sometimes. Can you let your guard down enough to cry on his shoulder, ask for his advice and let him open
the pickle jar?

9.    Are you discreet?

Let’s face it, ladies: Happy hour conversation with the girls is usually no-holds-barred. We tell our gal pals all the dirty details about the guys we date — the good, the bad, and the
smelly. But men crave respect for their privacy just as much as we do. Imagine how you’d feel if he told his friends about your granny panties! Your girlfriends don’t need to be
involved in every facet of your relationship. Be discreet and your girlfriend stock will rise.

10.    Can you be monogamous?

“Girlfriend” and “boyfriend” should be exclusive titles; otherwise, you’re just casually dating. If you want to have your cake and eat it too, spare everyone the hurt
feelings and skip the girlfriend part. There’s nothing wrong with playing the field as long as you’re honest about it. In order to be a girlfriend, though, you’ll have to be a one
man kind of woman.


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