How to tell if he’s Mr Right

Trying to figure out if Mr Right Now is actually Mr Right?

Happy Young Couple

There comes a point in every woman’s life when she starts wondering if every man she meets is Mr Right. When even the UPS man is not immune to your wondering eye, how is this new guy
you’re dating to fare? Whether you’ve been together a month or three years, if you need to know if he’s Mr Right, look for these signs.

You have similar value systems

If you are a dedicated career girl, but he wants a housewife, you’re barking up the wrong tree. You don’t have to have identical personal, political and religious beliefs, but the ones
that differ should not push you apart. Look for someone who agrees with you on the deal-breakers like the issues of children, fidelity and other ethical issues, and finances.

He makes you feel safe

Passion and security are not mutually exclusive, as many women who constantly seek the bad boy seem to think. Feeling emotionally — and physically — safe in a relationship is key to long-term
success. While small, unintentional slights can be difficult to avoid, a partner would not only never intentionally hurt you, but go out of his way to avoid potentially hurtful situations, is one
you should hang onto for the long haul.

He stimulates your mind

Let’s face facts: ten years from now, if you are still with the same partner, chances are you won’t be going at it like rabbits the way you were when you first became intimate. Physical
passion ebbs and flows in long-term relationships, which is why Mr Right will always know how to turn on your mind as well as your body. Whether you are debating politics, discussing classic
literature or haggling over who is the best quarterback in the NFL, Mr Right will keep your brain excited when your other parts need a break.

You can trust him

Hacking into his email, checking his voicemails and driving by his house in the middle of the night to make sure he’s home are not the actions of a woman who is confident in her relationship.
Mr Right will never give you reason to doubt his loyalty to you — or, if he does make a slip and you choose to stay, he does everything he can to restore your trust in him permanently.

He makes you a better person

Not that you are not already perfect, but Mr Right will always encourage you to be the best version of yourself possible. He will cheer on your diet and exercise goals without every suggesting you
need them, support your career aspirations, and help nourish that hidden dream of yours to be a world-class bird sketch artist to fruition.


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