Hollywood’s guide to romance & love

As defined by Hollywood, romance could easily be a triumph in everyone’s life.

There are a few simple rules and guidelines set through Hollywood history to ensure a happy and successful romantic journey.

1. Love arises where you least expect it

Scan Hollywood’s romantic offerings and one thing is an overwhelming constant: the leads who fall in love, rarely see each other as romantic material before the audience does.

Life lesson: Never give up on finding that special someone. But, remember, do not put too much effort into it because it is when you are not looking that love will pleasantly smack
you in the face.

2. It’s never too late for love

There are two types of romances that fit this Hollywood Guide to Romance, older folks finding true love and younger couples who once knew each other and find that with time, love blossoms. In
Terms of Endearment, Shirley Maclaine and Jack Nicholson find love with each other in the golden years of life while in Just Friends, Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart find love in
their 20’s that began for Reynolds in high school.

Life lesson: Sometimes the love of your life is someone you already know. Friends make fantastic partners – who knows you better?

3. Opposites attract

And we don’t mean in age, although Hollywood has fun with that as well – Six Nights, Seven Days comes to mind – opposites attracting is a classic mechanism for filmmakers
to connect to aspiring lovebirds. In Pretty Woman, Richard Gere’s millionaire would never fall for a woman of the night. But, this is Hollywood and a romantic comedy, so therefore,
the two weave their way through the movie until love is found and they both live happily ever after.

Couple Watching MovieLife lesson: Never judge books by covers. Sometimes the person who you feel least attracted to is the
individual who makes you laugh more than any other, charms you and cherishes you. Over time, your heart begins to pang for this individual that in another time in your past, you may have missed
this chance at love.

4. Give of oneself

Think Jerry McGuire when he figures out that success is not much fun without Renee Zellweger there to share it with him.

Life lesson: Career is important, but Hollywood teaches repeatedly that characters that devote their life passion to work often suffer in the romantic department. Selfish
individuals also make great protagonists for would-be love interests in film. As evidenced by Cruise’s McGuire, and also a long line of Hollywood heavies who have played self-absorbed
individuals, including Russell Crowe (A Good Year), Kate Winslet (Titanic) and Jack Nicholson (As Good as it Gets). When they shed a layer of vanity they
always find love.

5. Be open to new things

In Hollywood films, it is also a terrific plot tool to place two characters who are attracted to each other, in unfamiliar settings. If one or the other – or both – are out of
place and thus, need to lean on the other, love blossoms.

Life lesson: Get out of your comfort zone. In Jim Carrey’s Yes Man, it is only when he takes a motorbike ride with Zooey Deschanel that he finds true love. Something
he never would have done prior to changing his ‘no’ attitude to a ‘yes.’ Say yes to new things!


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