Delicious ways to feed your lover on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day of lust and romance – you anticipate getting together with your main squeeze, you plan a sensual date, you feast on foods to get you in the mood, and you tease and tempt each other through dinner so your after-dinner romp is even more hot and emotionally-charged. Looking for those extra special foods to stoke your romantic fire? Look no more – here is a delicious selection of sexy dishes to heat up your romance and whet your lover’s appetite for Valentine’s Day love.

Couple Feeding Each other Dessert

Aphrodisiacs: Foods to get in the mood

There is no denying that food can be a powerfully sensuous part of a Valentine’s Day meal. Though experts say that any food – depending on how it is served and eaten – can elicit lustful
feelings, some foods are renowned for their ability to set the romantic mood. Aphrodisiacs have been used for centuries to woo lovers and heighten sexual desire.

In the article Best romantic foods for Valentine’s Day, the American Culinary Institute suggests chocolate, coffee, hummus, ice cream, nuts, prunes, and seafood. Kori Ellis, author of Sensual food for Valentine’s Day, gives lust-inspiring accolades to oysters, avocados, asparagus, strawberries, vanilla and wine.

Valentine’s Day dinner recipes to feed each other

You can create a magical mood by putting your heart in making the Valentine’s Day meal and then having you and your lover feed each other while lustfully staring into the other’s eyes.
Here are some romantic menus and recipes to set the mood.

Luscious but light

In Valentine’s Day dinner for two, our food and recipe experts suggest a spicy appetizer of hot pepper pecans followed by a starter course featuring a scintillating roasted carrot soup. A tongue-tantalizing tilapia is the perfect
light entrée that leads to a luscious titillating raspberry coulis drizzled on sponge cake.

Lavish and libido-lifting

Our food and recipe experts recommend five no-fail recipes in Valentine’s Day foods of love. Close your eyes and just imagine oysters with an apple mignonette, wild wild mushroom pasta, lusty garlic hummus (garlic is okay as long as you both eat it!), sautéed spinach with golden
raisins and pine nuts, and seductive chocolate soufflés. You can also try Elizabeth Yarnell’s piri piri pomegranate chicken dish, featured in her article Tasty tips for a seductively healthy Valentine’s Day dinner.

Hot and healthy

The best way to keep your lust strong all night long is by keeping your Valentine’s Day meal mouthwatering but not too heavy. In Hot and healthy Valentine’s Day menu, Gayle Trent eschews the crowded restaurants for a romantic meal at home. Her delectable menu includes roasted red pepper soup with pesto and garlic croutons, succulent cornish game hens served with
a side of quinoa pilaf with cherries, and luscious chocolate mousse raspberry parfaits for dessert.

Save room for dessert – or simply have dessert

A Valentine’s Day dinner that includes a dessert course will further the anticipation for the after-dinner fun. You can also slowly a sweet lavish dessert for dinner, if waiting through a three
or four course meal is impossible. A dessert fondue for two can be eaten in front of the fireplace or even in bed (if you are careful!). A sexy slice of warm chocolate coconut cake can be eaten together – with each of you feeding the other every sinfully tasting bite. And for the ultimate in desserts, share a piece of milk chocolate truffle cream pie by placing bites of pie strategically on parts of each other’s bodies and using only your mouths to retrieve them.

Get sexy with edible lingerie

Forget going to the local sex toy shop for edible panties. You can make your own – and even have your mate help you put them on as well as eat them off. In my article Edible lingerie for Valentine’s Day, I give you the recipe for caramel lingerie that will hands-down (but not hands-off!) treat your lover on Valentine’s Day.

Loosen up with libations

If your Valentine’s Day date has you stressing, have a calming cocktail or sip a glass of wine to take the edge off. Get recipes for the Chocolate Berry Diva or Kissable in Cocktails for Valentine’s Day. And if wine is your thing, be sure to read Wine grape varieties to learn which wines will be best served with your Valentine’s Day dinner or mood. Even better, check out Wine-friendly foods to learn which wines are the perfect pairings for dried cherries, goat cheese, barbecue sauce and pecan shortbread cookies.

Pique all the senses

You’ve determined the dishes for your Valentine’s Day dinner and you’ve got the right wines, so in addition to satisfying your lover’s lust for taste, why not create a
scintillating experience for all of his senses. Kori Ellis gives you simple (and affordable) tips to do just that in her article Creating a sensuous Valentine’s Day retreat.

Get physical

Probably not exactly what you are thinking of, but making part of your Valentine’s Day date a sweaty hour at the gym, a run through the park, or a game of one-on-one – on the courts
– can stoke your romantic flame even better than a succulent dinner. Just think, if you do both, you’ll have an extra sensational night! In Work up a sweat on Valentine’s Day, therapist Bob Livingston says exercise-induced endorphins aren’t the only reason couples get cozy after exercise. And Sarah Wassner Flynn, author of Last minute – healthy – ideas for Valentine’s Day gives you a few ways to get hot and sweaty if you’re a procrastinator and need some last-minute ideas. Be sure to read the articles! Best yet, exercise before dinner means you can truly enjoy
a Valentine’s Day meal guilt-free.

Don’t forget the kiddos

With all the talk of things to do on Valentine’s Day with your husband or boyfriend, don’t overlook the specialness the Valentine’s Day means to your kids. Our parenting experts
recommend taking the holiday opportunity to show your kids even more love and affection. Read 10 ways to say I love you to your kids on Valentine’s Day for 10 easy ways to really make their day (keep the list handy to delight your child throughout the year). Additionally, you can help them make cookie valentines to take to school with our easy to
follow edible Valentine card craft article.


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