13 Indoor activities for kids during winter

You wake up to a snow day with the white stuff coming down so hard you can hardly see past the window. It’s still too snowy to play outside, so play inside! Here are 13 fun indoor activity ideas for your kids during winter.

Kids baking cookies

Don’t you love those snowy days! On the other side of the frosted windowpane, the wind is twirling snow around into a ballet of dusty white spirals. Parked cars are becoming huge puffy marshmallow mountains. All is quiet out there except for the swishhh of the wind. It’s a winter wonderland in the making.

The kids have their noses pressed up to the glass and their hands are melting patterns into the frost on the window. They’re dreaming of rolling in the snow once the storm is over. In the meantime, there’s lots of fun just waiting inside, so go ahead and make a Snowy Day Party.

Fun indoor activities for kids while you wait out the snowstorm


Dig out the fondue pot and all share in putting together a fondue. It’s always fun to spear some tasty goodies into the fondue pot while sitting in front of a crackling fire.

2Special meal

Go through the pantry and fridge to see what kind of yummy, creative meal you can all come up with. Everyone should have a hand in the preparation and cleanup, as well as the eating.

3Picnic lunch

Pretend it’s summer and have a picnic lunch on a blanket in the middle of the living room. Bring out all the stuffed animals for a touch of the outdoors.


Take out that 1000 piece puzzle, spread it out on thekitchen table and dig in!


5Board games

Dust off Candyland, Monopoly, Scrabble and whatever other board games you’ve forgotten in the closet. Pour some hot cider and let the fun begin.


Push “PLAY” on a movie and snuggle up together on the sofa. Push “PAUSE” every twenty minutes for a snowstorm update.

7Sock puppets

Go through the sock drawers for a handful of orphan socks. Get some yarn, buttons and big fat needles. Have fun creating wacky puppets and then put on an equally wacky puppet show.

8Arts and crafts

Take out a little of this and a little of that (tissue paper, old greeting cards, glitter, you name it) plus some glue and let the kids go creative. A large empty corrugated box from the garage can really stir up the imagination.

9Hide and seek

Bring out the inner kid in you and join them. The kids will find hiding places you never dreamed of, so set safety limits.

10Photo albums

Pull out the old photo albums, sit around the table and show the kids what you looked like at your high school prom. They’ll love the old photos of Grandma, Grandpa and the rest of the family too.

11 Build a fort

There are always enough blankets around to build an awesome fort. Naturally, the soldiers inside will need yummy supplies from the kitchen to help them survive the cold winter.


No two snowflakes are alike. Bring out the white copy paper and a few scissors and have a blast creating your own snowstorm indoors. Hang them around the house for a winter wonderland both inside and out.


What a great time to bake a cake or cookies together! Then, you can pour some hot chocolate, nibble on the cookies and tell snow stories while the snow whirls around outside.

See how easy it is to survive a snowstorm indoors with the kids? With these fun indoor activities, the hours will fly by and before you know it, the storm will be over. Quick! Grab the jackets, mittens, scarves and wool caps. The snow is waiting for you. Now, bundle up and let the outside fun begin.

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