Christmas gift ideas for teens

It’s next to impossible to know what your teen wants most of the year, and Christmas is even trickier. But we’ve put together a guide to teen gifts — at a variety of price points — to make even the surliest teen smile this season. Get your gift ideas here, and you’ll have plenty of presents to pile up.

Teen with Gift

It’s not that you’d put a price on your love for your child, but everyone’s on a budget this year. So we’ve split these gift ideas into the categories that really matter: how much they’ll cost you.

Under $25

You’d be surprised at what you can get for under $25 these days. With holiday sales and general economic slumps, consumers can clean up. Check out the Cardo S-800 Bluetooth headset. Face it. Your teen talks on the phone while driving. A hands-free headset will make the ride a little bit safer, and this headset can actually connect to up to 8 phones. So you can leave it in the car for whoever happens to be driving. Find it at Amazon for about $20.

Tech not your teen’s thing? Try a paper planner, like the lifetime.mine planner from the dotmine group. These 17-month spiral-bound planners let your teen track his or her time and set long-term goals. And at around $10 to $15, you can also spring for a book of inspirational quotes — or a more practical time management tome.

Not working for you? Try Shi For Women By Alfred Sung eau de parfum for your daughter, or a video game like Brain Age for your son.

Under $50

If you bump your budget up a bit, you can get your teen something extra special. For example, get the slipcased box set of the Twilight saga, or get one or more of the books as audio downloads— if your teen likes audio books, these books are ideal listening material.

Or put together a Wii accessories pack, like a wireless guitar and the 9-in-1 sports pack. You should be able to get both packages for under $50 if you shop around a little.

Up to $100

Got $100 to spend on your teen? Your Twilight fans might really enjoy the complete Angel series on DVD — another vampire love story. Or, it’s hard to go wrong with silver jewelry, like this sterling cuff bracelet.

On a different note, a Razor Pro will let your teen tool around in style — and at this price, you can pick up a helmet within your budget, too. And is anyone ever too old for a remote-controlled helicopter? Your husband would tell you no.

The sky’s the limit

Lucky enough to have unlimited funds to spend on your teen this holiday season?

Spring for an electric scooter for a truly classy ride. Alternately, upgrade your teen to an iPod touch — or go all out and spring for an iPhone with a year of unlimited service thrown in. Or, put together a collection of gift cards for the clothing stores your teen frequents. Feeling extra generous? Load up a laptop with extra RAM and goodies at Think of it as an investment in your child if that makes you feel better.

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to break the budget, and you don’t have to make yourself crazy to please your teen. Use this list to find a holiday gift your teen will love, and use the extra time to enjoy the season.

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