Top 10 Thanksgiving comfort foods

Oct 7, 2009 at 7:46 p.m. ET

Sit down to a Thanksgiving table featuring a satisfying spread of comfort foods. Here is a list of the most scrumptious recipes to serve as part of your festive Thanksgiving feast.

Comfort Foods1. Traditional Thanksgiving dishes
Comfort often lies in tradition – the tradition of getting together with family and friends as well as feasting on quintessential Thanksgiving dishes. It doesn't get any more comforting than a plate of roasted turkey with homemade gravy, rosemary-kissed potatoes, a piece of warm and wonderful cornbread, and a decadent slice of chocolate pecan pie.

2. Turkey for two
Cozying up to your partner on Thanksgiving and feeding each other forkfuls of turkey and stuffing gives you comfort food with a lover's bonus.

3. Mint Pesto-Stuffed Leg of Lamb with Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding
Turkey and cornbread stuffing isn't the only Thanksgiving combo for comfort food. Juicy slices of lamb swirled with a garlicky mint pesto paired with a hearty helping of wild mushroom bread pudding will result in instant Thanksgiving Day bliss.

4. Pumpkin pie
A must-have for Thanksgiving dessert, pumpkin pie is one of the holiday season's most common sweets. The creamy, warmly spiced pumpkin filling nestled in a buttery, flaky crust brings the traditional Thanksgiving meal to a divine end.

5. Simple turkey stuffing
The Thanksgiving meal wouldn't be complete without a moist and flavorful stuffing. Though there are many variations – from cornbread to wild rice – stuffing lends a yummy tenderness to the holiday table.

6. Winter squash
Whether it's whipped into a creamy puree, sliced and roasted, or transformed into a daring dessert, winter squash is one of the holiday season's healthiest, versatile and most naturally sweet foods. Winter squash is especially divine when served as a sweet finale to the Thanksgiving meal.

7. Sweet potatoes
Another comfort food loved by family and friends, sweet potatoes are a delectable – yet surprisingly healthy – choice for Thanksgiving side-dishes.

8. Mashed potatoes
Just about any dish with potatoes is considered comfort food, but mashed potatoes are the ultimate. Mashed with butter, cream, salt and pepper – and often other tasty ingredients – a serving of mashed potatoes with gravy is especially satisfying.

9. Good ol' turkey gravy
Poured over mashed potatoes and slices of roasted turkey, gravy is, for some, the fundamental Thanksgiving food for comfort. Don't be disappointed with the gravy in a can - make your own for a superlative gravy experience.

10. Fresh cranberry sauce
Though many a table will serve the cranberry sauce from a can, homemade cranberry sauce is one Thanksgiving accompaniment no one will pass up. Adding a sweet tartness to the succulent turkey dinner, fresh cranberry sauce gives Thanksgiving a tasty balance.

11. Thanksgiving Day wines
Though not technically a food, wine definitely comes in handy around the holidays. Find out which wines are best for Thanksgiving sipping.