Holiday travel tips for moms

As you pack up the kids and head out for holiday travel this season, make sure you’ve made all the necessary travel preparations for your family! SheKnows editors have been hard at work compiling helpful holiday travel tips to help moms heading out with young families this year.

Get advice and helpful tips on:

* Air travel with young kids

* Air travel with infants

* Organizing family travel time

* Holiday party etiquette

* Visiting grandma

* Traveling with the family

* Traveling with the turkey

Before You Fly…

Make sure that your child restraint system (CRS) complies with the limitations set by each airline before you get to the airport. Get size limitations, tips on asking for discounted air fare for
children traveling in a CRS, and more!

Read about air travel with young kids.

Air travel with infants…

Flying with baby for the first time is no doubt an unforgettable experience, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. We offer you ideas to plan ahead, a checklist for what to bring, safety tips,
as well as quick ways too soothe baby’s ear pain. Get more on flying with baby.

Organizing family travel time…

When the kids start asking those four famous words that makes every mom and dad cringe: “Are we there yet?!” be armed with these helpful tips to keep your kids comfy and conent during holiday travel.

Find out how to organize your family’s travel time.Make sure your kids mind their manners…

What do you do when you and your family are holiday guests at someone else’s house? Being a house guest can often be a big a high-pressure and high-stress situation. What is the proper dinner guest
etiquette? Should you help set the table and help clean up? Should your kids help, or should you keep them out of the kitchen? Should you initiate holiday activities or wait for your hostess?

Get advice on holiday party etiquette and
how to be the perfect guest.

How to travel with the turkey…

When you’re headed to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and you’re bringing the turkey, what’s the best way to prepare, pack and transport it with all the trimmings? How far
can you safely travel with the turkey in tow?

Find safety tips for traveling with the Thanksgiving turkey.

When baby visits grandma…

While you may be tempted to pack up your entire household of baby essentials, we have some great tips and timesavers to keep your load to a minimum so you can focus on and
enjoy your quality time with family. We have your checklist for baby essentials and equiptment, as well as baby-proofing tips that will make your holiday travel a breze.

Get tips for traveling with baby.

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Candied yams

Herb stuffing

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