Tips for giving unique Father’s Day gifts

Hard-working dads deserve more than a grilling apron this Father’s Day. With these tips, choose a heartfelt and fun Father’s Day gift that’s as unique as the dad in your life.

1. Indulge his fancies

Father’s Day is not the time to give snarky commentary about a man’s quirky habits. Instead, use the holiday to celebrate and support the weirdo things that make him special.


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What gifts can satisfy your fancy man? You could buy tickets to a local Comic-Con if he’s really into graphic novels, or a season of Family Guy if he has a special place in his heart for Stewie.

2. Two hearts will race as one

A rush of adrenaline from a joint family adventure — like a mud run or trapeze class — actually releases chemicals in the brain that create interpersonal bonding. Gift an exciting event for an extra-special family bonding time this Father’s Day.

Feeling a little timid? Start small with passes to a local trampoline park, like Skyzone, for a few hours of flying high as a family.

3. Gifts that keep on giving

Find a monthly subscription service for one of your dude’s favorite treats, like beer or wine. He’ll remember how much you love him when he receives a special delivery every month.


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Not sure where to start? Everyone loves bacon. Try an artisan bacon-of-the-month club to delight him on Father’s Day and all year long. (The Pig Next Door, $185 and up)

4. When in doubt, go classic

For the practical man, don’t be afraid to wrap up a sensible gift that you know he’ll love for years. Make it special by adding a funny or romantic handwritten note.

Dockers khakis

Ideas for the down-to-earth guy? Wrap up a pair of classic Dockers Signature Khakis, but make it extra fun by placing a sticky note on the back pocket that says, “Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Because you have a pretty sweet booty.” Or something. (Dockers, $58)

5. Involve the kids

Father’s Day gifts are super special when you involve the kids. Ask your children to make homemade cards, artwork and even breakfast for a sweet and meaningful Father’s Day surprise.

one-of-a-kind daddy keychain

Want heartfelt but not handmade? Find a cute, personalized item that remembers your children but doesn’t rely on them for the actual gift — like this one-of-a-kind daddy keychain. (Etsy, $15)

6. Outsource your thinking

If gift-giving isn’t your personal forte, go ahead and outsource the hard work to a computer algorithm. Seriously. Computer programs now exist to come up with the perfect gift for your man, once you provide a small amount of demographic information about him.

How does it work? Go check out Gifta to see for yourself. Just input information about the dad in your life, and watch the computer come up with an awesome gift for him this Father’s Day. Then buy it.

7. Coupon it, baby

Painfully short on cash? Don’t fret, girl. Create a coupon book featuring the freebie things dads really love, like back rubs, foot massages or even a weekend of yard work.

Want something to sweeten the deal? Find a free printable, obviously. These Father’s Day coupon book printables from Tip Junkie are free and you can write in unique, personal gifts specially suited for dad.

8. A touch on the soft side

Men are sentimental, too, so don’t feel afraid to celebrate his soft side this Father’s Day. You can’t go wrong with a note of gratitude and a simple gift that honors his role as a dad.

Looking for sentimental, not sappy? Take portraits of you and the kids and surprise him with a framed picture for his office. He’ll treasure it, we promise.

9. Make it an event

Dads know that special events are the spice of life. Instead of purchasing a pricey item, give him tickets to a sporting event or show. A special event will allow him to unwind from daddy duties with family and friends, which is what all men really want on Father’s Day.

Want to make the most of summertime? Buy tickets to a professional baseball game, complete with all-you-can-eat food and drink passes for a carefree evening in the summer sun.

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