Top 5 Father’s Day gifts for the hip and healthy dad

Before you rush out to buy your dad the usual tie, shirt, cologne or fishing lure, think outside the Father’s Day gift box and surprise him with a present he’ll truly enjoy. These five innovative Father’s Day gifts are more than fitting for the hip and healthy dad as well as a husband who deserves something out of the ordinary this year. Warning, however, don’t expect dad to ever be satisfied with a typical no-thought present again. Give your dad one of these gifts and he’ll know how much he really means to you!

iCush Music Sync Programmable Massage Seat Cushion

iCush Music Sync Programmable Massage Seat Cushion

Give your contemporary dad the ultimate in indulgent entertainment experience. The iCush isn’t one of those boring massage cushions that simply pulse mono-rythymically. The iCush connects dad to his gaming system, MP3 player, and TV, giving him a full sensory experience of his games, music, and movies. Dad can plug in his iPod or MP3 Player or use the included adapter to connect directly to his TV, XBOX, PlayStation or other gaming console. This may not be the place for podcast workouts, but the iCush features are sure to get your dad’s heart racing.

Dad’s games will never be the same — they will come to life with the dual, adjustable aluminum cone speakers that, when combined with the iCush cushions ultra, sync’ed vibes, give a whole new meaning to surround sound. Dad will feel every explosion, experience every tackle, and sense every beat of his favorite tunes. For the dad who likes variation, the iCush features three preset programs (all motors, up and down or random) and Audio Sync, which moves to the beat of his favorite programs or tunes for an even wilder ride.

Best yet, the iCush is fully portable and features a built-in carry handle and storage pouches. Dad can easily take it to a friend’s (or in-laws!) house and share the experience or escape with it. Forget the foofy massage session, give your dad something he will truly enjoy — and brag about — every day.

Yoga Bootcamp

Today’s dad is concerned about his health and fitness and more inclined to include yoga as part of his healthy lifestyle. Give him the gift of attending a Yoga Bootcamp featuring Baptiste yoga. Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga has quickly become one of the most widely known and respected educational methods and yoga practices used to achieve physical and personal transformation.

Baptiste yoga is a dynamic combination of precise education, intuitive discovery, profound knowledge and experiential practices that results in transforming limitations into power and revolutionizing the mind-body connection. Yoga Bootcamps, available in some of the most beautiful places in the world, are intense week-long programs combining Power Vinyasa Yoga, meditation for truthful living, a cleansing diet, and other fitness activities. Baptiste yoga classes, workshops and retreats are also available, check your local yoga listings.

If you aren’t sure your dad is quite ready to go to Yoga Bootcamp, buy him a few in-home sessions with a yoga instructor or a month-long membership at a studio.

Outdoor adventure eco-trips

Being eco-friendly is hip, regardless of age, gender, or any other factor. And eco-tourism is a growing trend. Give your eco-conscious dad an eco-experience of a lifetime on a Nature Observation Eco Tour in Montana. Not only will he have the ultimate wilderness adventure, he will also become even more eco-savvy with hands-on ecology workshops.

Taught by a professional naturalist, your dad will learn about the high country eco-system’s wildlife, plants, fish, geology and the climate as well as the history of the area’s Native Americans, explorers and mountain men who bravely trekked across the wilderness. WTR Outfitters’ eco-tours are pack and camp trips through the Bob Marshall Wilderness on foot and by horse. Your dad will be immersed in the wonders of nature while braving the outdoors as a temporary mountain man – this is an adventure your dad will never forget.
Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Ice Cream Maker

Ice Cream Maker

If your dad has a creamy sweet tooth and spends inordinate amounts of money savoring every one of Ben and Jerry’s flavors, give him the gift of ice-cream self-sufficiency. The Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Ice Cream Maker blends up two quarts of ice cream in any flavor your dad can dream up. Best yet, its fully automatic, cleans up easy, and comes with a recipe book to inspire treats ranging from ice cream to frozen yogurt and even drinks.

Another option is the Cuisinart Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker, which gives your dad the opportunity to enjoy a creamy treat at home instead of running to Dairy Queen. The Mix It In even has condiment dispensers to hold your dad’s favorite toppings.

If an ice cream maker is not in your budget, buy your dad a gift certificate to the local Baskin Robbins or Cold Stone Creamery or, even better, visit the nearest TCBY on Father’s Day to get you and your dad a free frozen yogurt.
Magic Bullet Platinum Pro

Magic Bullet Platinum Pro

Today’s dads are more daring in the kitchen, not afraid to try — or even cook — new things, and interested in eating healthfully. What better way to treat your dad than with a Magic Bullet Platinum Pro. This ultra-sleek, 20-piece stainless steel blender is the ultimate dad gadget — not only is it powerful, it is versatile and puts those weak smoothie-only blenders to shame.

The Platinum Pro can whip up anything from refreshing blended fruit drinks or milkshakes for the kids and post-workout protein shakes for dad, to salsa, homemade guacamole, barbecue sauces and marinades, and decadent desserts for the whole family. The Magic Bullet Platinum Pro makes meals easy and enticing to the dad who wants to put power behind his kitchen prep, as it blends, chops, slices, dices, mixes, whips and purees in seconds. And as a bonus for the dad who craves new culinary ideas, a complete recipe book is included in the set.
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