Making Easter morning memorable

For me, Easter brought to mind candy, bunnies, baskets, and brightly colored eggs… until I had a child of my own. Then I began to ponder, what do I want Easter to mean to my son?

For every family, Easter has its own special meaning. From Jesus’ resurrection to a sense of new beginnings, moms around the world put their spin on what makes this day special for their children.


As a child growing up, my family would gather around a newspaper-lined table and dye hardboiled eggs in anticipation of the Easter Bunny’s arrival on Easter morning. When we awoke, we were allowed to peek in our Easter baskets, so long as we did not scope out any eggs before our parents woke up. Somehow, we managed to have some self control!


This will be the first year my son is old enough to understand what is going on during the holidays, so it’s time to start a few traditions of our own. If you are just starting out with a family of your own, or perhaps are ready claim a few new customs for your family, here are some ideas you can hippity-hop to.


“My girlfriend had a great idea – having her kids decorate wooden eggs each year and decorating with those. As they get bigger, the eggs are more elaborate. And, each year she dates them and puts the artist’s name on each. What a great idea! It’s a tradition I am starting with my own boys!”
– Jennifer L., mother of two, Orange, CA


“Each year growing up, our family would all go to my grandparents’ house for an Easter celebration. My grandmother would spend all day in the kitchen, and her food was unbelievable. But as kids, we looked forward to the egg hunt the most, because amongst the candy-filled eggs were ones filled with money. It made the day a little more exciting, and we would each put our findings in our piggy bank for a rainy day. Although we aren’t allowed to hunt the yard ourselves anymore, my grandparents still carry on this tradition for our children.”
– Yvonne P., mother of two, Riverside, CA


“I come from a huge family, so it was not uncommon for every meal to seem like a feast. But on Easter, my mom not only managed to cook an even more elaborate meal for this special day, she still managed to find time to prepare an Easter basket for each one of us kids. That’s why I make sure to pay special attention to the Easter baskets we set out for our kids each year, knowing how much work my mom put into ours. Of course, at the time, she did not get any credit for it, since we thought the Easter Bunny did all the work. But now, I let her know how special she made the day for us despite the fact that her hands were busy working her magic in the kitchen, too.”
– Mike M., father of two, Corona, CA


“Every Easter, ‘The Easter Rabbit’ leaves a basket at our doorstep. He knocks and takes off. And every year we try to catch a glimpse of him before he leaves, but The Eater Rabbit is way too fast!”
– Elva M. mother of one, Rialto, CA


“Don’t forget about the Easter Beagle! He comes to our house and delivers eggs to the kids in the back yard, while the Easter Bunny delivers baskets and eggs in the front yard.”
– Marcy S., mother of two, Huntington Beach, CA


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