Valentine movie tips for the last minute

We know how it is. Looking up at a calendar that reads February 14 and just because your busy schedule has prevented you from making plans beyond dinner and a movie at home doesn’t mean the night can’t be magical.


As you head home making a beeline for the local eatery and video store, might we suggest some DVDs not normally on the “hot” list at the local video palace that will light up your night. – “Breakfast at Tiffanys” – the ultimate classic. If this film does not move you to passion, check your pulse.


  •   The Notebook – haven’t seen this gem in a few years, will stoke those fires through exploring the history of a couple’s love.
  •   Casablance – my favorite film, great on any day, but especially Valentine’s – a classic love story that represents the best and worst in humanity.
  • She’s Having a Baby – for the family set. After the kids are in bed, turn on John Hughes’ best work at capturing the love of two people in the throngs of life’s rollercoaster.
  • Butterflies are Free – Early Goldie Hawn in a classic tale exemplifying that love is blind.
  • Sense and Sensibility– Jane Austen is a welcomed fixture on Valentine’s Day and this Oscar-winning classic epitomizes classic European romance.
  • Roman Holiday – A Hepburn again, this time Audrey brings the romance in this classic story of a bored Princess who escapes her entourage and meets a dashing American (Gregory Peck) reporter who wants an exclusive and may end up getting much more.
  • Shakespeare in Love – a film dripping in romance, Shakespeare prose and Gweneth’s Oscar-winning turn is a Valentine’s Day card in motion.
  • The Princess Bride – ‘Marrrrrriage is a perfect union.’ Rob Reiner’s better romantic film (take that “Harry Met Sally”) never gets old as the viewings pile up.
  • West Side Story – Musical theater on film was never so cool. A classic update on the Romeo and Juliet mold, this amazing piece of work will have you singing its soundtrack all night.


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