Work up a sweat on Valentine’s Day with exercise

If you are involved in a relationship or looking to embark on one, exercise can play an essential role in helping couples feel closer. Work up a sweat this Valentine’s Day and heat up the romance.

Couple Hiking

Make Valentine’s Day endorphins soar

A regular exercise program for as little as 15 minutes a day will increase endorphin levels that bring on a sense of euphoria.

Exercise produces the following benefits:  Feeling calm and tranquil, increasing self esteem, improving physical appearance, increasing physical and mental strength, decreasing stress and a
means of working through emotional pain.

Couples can exercise together doing one or more of the following: Playing tennis, hiking, cycling, walking, swimming, or even bowling.

Shared exercise boosts the bonding factor

You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to sweat together. In fact, if you and your lover regularly engage in exercise, you’ll feel closer all year round. Here’s why.

Helps couples add to what they already have in common

Relationships deteriorate when there is not much common interest.  This results in decreased time spent together and many moments of silence when they are in the same room. In order for a
relationship to flourish, it is important for couples to have common interests.  They can spend quality time participating as a couple in their sport and then talk about the excitement it
brings when they are relaxing.

Enables both partners to be at a high energy level

Exercise itself brings about a much higher energy level than being sedentary. When both partners are experiencing this rush, they can feed off each other’s energy. This will allow them to
complete more tasks together and separately.

Improves communication

Exercise improves your self-esteem and confidence. While you are working out together, you can both find the inner strength to bring up issues that may be too difficult to face while inactive. One
partner may find the appropriate words to discuss issues that really bother you about the relationship. It is possible to not only address these problems, but find the means to resolve them.

Enhances your sex life

A Valentine’s Day highlight, getting physical can help you get physical. Studies have shown that exercise does indeed improve your sex life. It increases your desire and feelings of wanting
connection with one that you love the most. Exercise helps you get in touch with your body; you discover how wonderful it is to live in your body rather than being imprisoned only in your head.
This mutual discovery of the physical can move into the deep spiritual.

Increases joy in your relationship

Exercise, by raising serotonin levels, improves mood and you can experience this mood elevation together. This will increase the amount of time where you are in a joyful space and you can share
these moments.

Allows partners to reach a sense of well being at the same time

We all hear talk about how important it is for the couple to be on the same page. Exercising together will bring about the possibility of this occurring. Not only will you be on the same page in
terms of planning your future; you can also learn to live in the present together where you can bask in each other’s glow and not worry about tomorrow.

The dream of Valentine’s Day is that you will find true love. Exercising with your partner can make this dream a reality.

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