How to wear lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Lingerie and candy are the most popular gifts sought as Valentine’s Day approaches. Choosing the right lingerie can make quite a difference in your loved ones perception of themselves.

Woman in Red Lingerie

This is why you need to know what styles of lingerie will make your partners’ heart beat a little faster. The last thing you want is a disappointed recipient.  For example, someone may prefer a thong underwear to full covered bottom. Thus, a little research is required as to the style of lingerie your partner or loved one prefers.


The color theme of Valentine’s Day is usually red; red signifies love, passion and emotion. With this in mind it easy to choose red lingerie for this day. If you intend to give a collection of undergarments, then consider the color options as no one wants to wear the same color everyday. When considering colors it is best to buy undergarments in pastels rather than bright bold colors. Bright bold colors such as dark red and black will call attention to flaws including cellulite, scars, blemishes, dimples and uneven skin tone.  On the other hand, lingerie in pastel colors will actually diminish the appearances of these defects. Although red is preferred on Valentine’s Day, think of long term use when purchasing these garments.


In addition, there are other factors which should be considered when purchasing lingerie for your lover this holiday. It is important to consider the elastic which traverses across the buttock to keep the bottoms in place. Elastic is cosmetically unappealing and produces the dreaded panty lines. Not only are panty lines appalling but the elastic will contribute to the production of dimples in the buttocks. You certainly don’t want to contribute to this condition. For someone who likes the traditional Bikini style underwear, consider a garment which has lace across the buttock and groin instead of elastic.



Here are some basic rules to consider with lingerie:

1. NO elastic across the buttocks as it will cause dimples in the buttocks.



2. NO elastic across the groin as it will cause boggy, flabby inner thighs


3. Elastic is okay at the waist.


4. Use lace instead of elastic.


5. It is best to wear G-Strings and thongs


6. Stocking/ pantyhose is beneficial as they provide uniform and gradient leg compression.


7. Don’t wear underwear and pantyhose at the same time.


While looking for a great lingerie gift for Valentine’s Day consider these guidelines and give a gift which is fun and also works to prevent cellulite. Your loved one will be pleased with the thought and consideration which went into your gift selection, not to mention what its going to do for your social life!


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