Giftventure for your kids

Giftventure is a revolutionary adventure-by-mail experience where a child receives a series of mysterious letters with puzzles from a mythical character. Solving the mystery leads to the discovery of a gift you’ve purchased and hidden somewhere in the child’s home, or anywhere else you choose. Giftventures are designed for children between the ages of 4 and 12.

Recently I learned about Giftventure and it sounds like lots of fun! This service is like a personal scavenger hunt for your child to find a gift that you have purchased. You purchase any gift for your child and then sign up on You choose a mythical character (like a dragon, princess, etc.) and provide some personal details about your child.


A few days letter a letter will arrive addressed to your child from the character. It will give a few initial clues and puzzles that will lead your child on the adventure.


About three days later, the child will receive the second letter with more clues. And finally, they will receive a third and final letter in another three days or so with the last clues on how to solve the puzzle and thus where to find the gift.


Learn more about Giftventure at or by watching this informational video.



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