Turkey Magnet

Oct 7, 2009 at 8:31 a.m. ET

Gobble gobble! Make several of these cute little felt turkey magnets this Thanksgiving. You can keep a few for your refrigerator and give some as gifts to friends and family.

felt turkey magnet craftFelt turkey magnet craft

What you need

2" wood circle
felt: brown, red, orange, tan, goldenrod, yellow
acrylic paint: white, black, pink, brown
paint brush
scruffy paint brush
white craft glue
hot glue gun
acrylic sealer spray
black fine tip marker

What you do

Paint wood circle brown and let dry. Repeat with a second coat.

Cut out feathers from felt, one from each color. Cut out a red waddle and a goldenrod beak using the patterns.

Use the hot glue gun to attach feathers to the back of the wood circle, fanning around from one side to the other, covering the top half of the back of the circle.

Glue the waddle to the center of the circle. Glue the beak overlapping the top of the waddle, point end down.

Use the wrong end of a paint brush and dip into white paint. Practice this first on a piece of scrap paper. Dot eye on with white paint and let dry. When dry, use a smaller dot to add the black.

Use a scruffy paint brush to pick up some pink paint. Dab off the excess paint onto a piece of paper towel or scratch paper. Gently dab on cheeks.

Add eyebrows with fine tip marker.

Once all the paint has dried, spray finished turkey with acrylic sealer. Let dry.

Use white craft glue to add a fairly heavy magnet to the back. You can use hot glue, however white glue will keep the magnet on longer.