Hungry Pilgrim Bread Basket

Oct 1, 2009 at 8:00 a.m. ET

What a whimsical addition this bread basket will make to your holiday table! Turn a simple and boring basket into this cute and silly Thanksgiving decoration with a purpose.

hungry pilgrim bread basketHungry pilgrim bread basket

What you need

Basket without handles
2 wooden spoons of different heights
Feathers in fall colors
White twisted paper ribbon
Fall themed ribbon
Thin white ribbon
Felt: gray, white, black, brown, peach
Acrylic paint: flesh, brown, white, pink, red, goldenrod, black
Black fine tip marker
Floral wire
Hot glue gun

What you do

Paint the longer wooden spoon with Flesh and the shorter spoon with brown. Let dry and repeat if needed.

Paint faces on the spoons using the patterns. Pilgrim's eye lids are pink, tongue is red, turkey's beak and waddle are goldenrod and red. Add eyes using the handle end of a paint brush dipped in white paint, move around in a circular motion to make the area larger. Use a scruffy paint brush to dab off excess pink paint onto a piece of paper towel and then dab on cheeks. Use a black marker to add mouth, chin and the turkey's eyebrows.

Cut out patterns from felt. For the hat and pilgrim's collar instead of cutting two pieces of each, fold felt in half and cut at crease to get two pieces that are joined together. Crease should be at top of hat and shoulders of collar. For the hat band, instead of two pieces, cut one long piece to wrap around.

Glue the pilgrim's hair to the back of the flesh colored wooden spoon. Glue the hat over the top of the hair, add band and buckle.

Using the dotted line on pilgrim's collar pattern as a guide, cut a hole in the collar big enough for the handle of the spoon to move through. Insert spoon and adjust to the neck, glue together only at the shoulders, leaving room to add the pilgrim's body.

Lay the spoon flat and adjust the two body pieces, one in back and one in front so that they line up together. Glue together and then glue the collar down on top of the body. Tie thin white ribbon in to a small bow and trim ends, glue to the collar where the point is. Leave arms, hands and cuffs for a later step.

Tie a festive ribbon around the turkey's neck into a bow. Trim ends.

Glue the bottom end of the pilgrim spoon to the inside of the basket, standing up. Use floral wire to secure pilgrim in place, he should be leaning to the right a bit.

Repeat with the turkey, leaning him to the left, but close to the pilgrim. Secure with floral wire.

Glue one of the pilgrim arms to the back of the pilgrim on the right side (your right), then wrap arm around to his belly. Glue to belly, add hand, then cuff. For other arm, glue to the back of the pilgrim, wrap around the turkey's shoulder, add hand and cuff, glue all in place.

Hot glue feathers behind the turkey, enough to create a fanning tail.

Take twisted paper and cut enough to wrap around the basket and tie a bow. Untwist, wrap around, tie a bow and trim the ends on a slant. Hot glue to tack in place.