Family Tree Shirt

Oct 1, 2009 at 7:58 a.m. ET

This project is perfect for teaching your kids about their family tree. Whether you go the simple route and choose immediate family only, or you decide to add many leaves and include the whole family, everyone will love this creation.

Family tree shirt

What you need

White or light colored t-shirt or sweatshirt
Brown 3D fabric paint
*Fabric paint: red, orange, brown, yellow, green
Leaf shaped foam stamp
Black fabric marker
Cookie sheet or wood cutting board
Wax paper

What you do

* Note: if you do not have fabric paint, you can use acrylic craft paints mixed with textile medium. Check your local craft store and follow instructions on the bottle.

Be sure to wash and dry your shirt before doing this project, do not use fabric softener.

We recommend drawing out a sketch of your tree on a piece of paper first. You may order your tree however you like, we chose grandparents at the top, mom and dad next and then the children.

Insert cookie sheet or cutting board inside shirt. Insert wax paper between shirt fabric and cookie sheet or cutting board. This will keep any paint from seeping through and the cookie sheet becomes a mobile work surface.

Start by stamping the leaves on first according to the sketch you made. Load foam stamp generously with paint using a paint brush, but be careful it doesn't blob. Carefully press foam stamp onto the shirt and lift directly upward to remove.

Once you have all the leaves in place, use the 3D fabric paint to draw on the branches, trunk and a few roots.

Carefully lift entire project and place in a safe place to dry overnight.

After paint has completely dried, use the fabric marker to add family members' first names above their leaves.