Dried Rose Centerpiece

Oct 1, 2009 at 7:52 a.m. ET

This lovely centerpiece will look beautiful on your holiday table. Donned in fall colored fabric and sporting pretty dried flowers, it is the epitome of autumn.

Dried rose centerpiece

What you need

3/4 yard fall fabric
Zipper sandwich bag full of sand
3/4 block of floral foam
White twisted paper ribbon
Floral wire
10 dried roses
Dried Heather
Dried Caspia
Dried Lavendar
6-8 Curly Willow branches

What you do

Fold fabric in half once to form a square (or as close as possible), right side of fabric should be showing. Place sandwich bag of sand in the center of the fabric and place floral foam on top of that. This will give your centerpiece its weight.

Insert willow branches, longest ones in the back, medium in the center and shortest to the front. Repeat this process with the roses.

Use lavender, caspia and heather to fill in the gaps.

Gather the fabric up with your hands, wrap floral wire around to hold in place.

Untwist twisted paper and tie around the fabric into a bow. Trim the ends on a slant.