How to capture Thanksgiving memories in a scrapbook

Oct 16, 2009 at 3:56 p.m. ET

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest family events of the year, so make it last! Here are a few ways you can capture your Thanksgiving memories in a scrapbook.

Thanksgiving memories

I love Thanksgiving, but it's usually the one holiday that I forget to photograph. With all that cooking and often guests in the house, who really remembers to whip out the ol' camera?

Out of all the holidays, Thanksgiving is particularly steeped in tradition. This year, remember to take pictures so you can make a great scrapbook of the day. Capture all those moments that make this holiday special to you and your family. (Make sure your camera is charged, and that you have plenty of room on your memory card!)

Here are some suggestions:

Photograph the cooking

pumpkin pie iconIn my house, Dad makes the turkey (on the grill!), Mom makes the potatoes, and Aunt Linda makes stuffed mushrooms. Strive to get pictures of everyone making their "specialties!" More often than not, it's the people in the photos that make the images so special -- moreso than even the foods!

Remember the food

pumpkin pie iconGather recipes, and take pictures of your table with all the food when it is time to eat! I've seem some fabulous scrapbooks that use the recipes side-by-side with pictures of food. This could be a great way to make a Thanksgiving scrapbook that doubles as a cookbook or a keepsake for future generations.

Take pictures of your traditions

pumpkin pie iconTaking pix of any and all holiday traditions that means getting a photo of everyone doing anything on Thanksgiving day -- even if they're watching football or dozing off on the couch. (Candids are great!)

Get photos of each person

pumpkin pie iconThroughout the festivities, be sure to capture everyone on your camera. If you have an after-dinner guest, make sure they are photographed, too. Include any pets or guests who happen to drop in. This also means someone else has to take the camera for a few moments so there will be some photos with you in them, too!

Have everyone write something down

pumpkin pie iconYou can pre-cut some shapes out of solid or patterned paper in harvest-like colors. Have each family member jot down something in his or her own handwriting about what he or she is thankful for this year, then sign and date the note. These special memories are excellent "keepers" -- especially when they're from young children!

But most important of all, enjoy the holiday. If taking pictures takes you too far out of the moment to appreciate the day, don't stress about it. Just grab a snapshot or two when you can, and put your energy into simply spending some quality time with your clan.