Perfect moments

The perfect holiday is all about what you make of what you have, not what you make or what you get.

Here we are

Well, I must have blinked, because here I am, nose to nose with “The Holidays.” Imagine a dramatic musical flourish here for emphasis. It could be music from the shower scene of Psycho or Handel’s
Messiah depending upon how you deal with this time of year. Personally, I waver between the ‘Deer in the Headlight’ look (I don’t care what the calendar says, I’m still trying to get my head around
the fact summer is over) and an eggnog-induced state of eternal bliss (who can dislike a season involving so much pie?).

Making a perfect holiday

Now, if the annual media blitz is to be believed, we are all in for a month and a half of perfect, Norman Rockwell moments… but no pressure.

I don’t know about you, but every time I’ve tried to fit into this mold, I usually end up more closely resembling a frazzled lump of something my cat coughed up. I don’t have time to send cards to
every person I’ve ever met. I don’t have energy to set up decorations throughout my house or the drive to adorn the exterior with lighting. I don’t have the patience to fashion stunning holiday
centerpieces from hand-selected acorns rolled in granular sugar. I don’t have a bank account that can fund the stuff every commercial tells me is a must for the perfect holiday. Don’t tell anyone,
but I can’t even stand malls and shopping, anyway. To add insult to injury, comparing my family structure with Norman Rockwell paintings clearly indicates the distinct absence of “normal.”

The elusive nature of perfect moments

I remember one holiday, in particular, where I was hell-bent on achieving celebratory perfection. My sister, her husband, his father, and my father were all coming to my house. The various and
sundry fathers both had a number of years under their belts, poor health, and temperaments rarely pleased with much of anything. This did not matter, because I had a goal! My sister and I wasted
the whole day trying to make sure everyone was happy and had what they needed.

You see, that’s the thing about perfect moments, they cannot be manufactured. I don’t care how complete a shopping list is, or how efficiently a to-do list is managed, neither can create something
so elusive. It’s not about orchestrating anything. It’s about realizing, for a brief moment, you already have everything you need right in front of you. You are just there, and that is enough.

Blessings of warmth, joy and love from my family to yours,



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