Foam turkey Thanksgiving craft for kids

Foam shapes are very easy for small children to manipulate. They are wonderful for fostering creativity! This cute little turkey is a fun project for kids to keep them busy while you are preparing for your holiday guests. As guests arrive, your little one can show off his/her creation.

Foam turkey Thanksgiving craft for kids


Foam shapes

1 small (2 cm) orange heart (feet)

1 medium (3.5 cm) brown circle (body)

2 large (4 cm) red hearts (wings)

2 large (4 cm) orange hearts (wings)

2 medium (3 cm) yellow hearts (wings)

1 medium (2×4 cm) brown oval (head)

1 small (1 cm) yellow triangle(beak)

1 small (2 cm) red heart (gobbler)

2 small (1 cm) white circles (eyes)

Other supplies

Black Sharpie marker

Glue stick

Cardboard, posterboard or paper (5×7 or larger)

NOTES: For the eyes, you may substitute wiggle eyes or use even smaller black circles instead of the marker. Also, glue stick is the easiest and fastest way to adhere foam shapes.
You can use white glue, but it takes much longer to dry and the shapes will slide around, causing frustration for your little ones (and you).


Glue the orange heart upside down onto the posterboard for the feet. Next glue the brown circle above the feet, overlapping the point of the upside down heart.

Next, glue the wings in place using the large orange and red hearts, overlapping each one as you go. Then glue the head in place using the brown oval as pictured.

Glue the medium yellow hearts off to the side of the head shape. Glue the small red heart upside down, overlapping the bottom of the brown oval (chin area). Glue the small yellow triangle just over
the tip of the upside down red heart (gobbler).

Lastly, glue the white circles in place for the eyes, then draw black circles on with marker.

Kids can write a special message above their turkey or leave it blank. Let it dry completely and reglue any pieces that may not have adhered well.

Editor’s note: Foam shapes can be found at a variety of craft and discount department stores, such as Michael’s and WalMart. We purchased ours online from one of our partner sites,

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