How to have a birthday party with a rock and roll theme

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Your question:

My daughter is almost 12 and loves rock music. How can we incorporate this theme into a birthday party? Thanks.

The expert answers:

“School House Rock Theme” would be a great for your rock music lover daughter!

This theme requires a bit of fun work. Backstage passes would be a great invite.

Party decor is very important to set the stage and get kids in the mood to rock and roll. Oriental trading company has all the supplies you need. Metallic foil curtains, silver cut outs, disco
balls, lights etc. Hang records or CDs from ceilings. Attach silver cutouts on black curtains, your daughters favorite rock stars posters around the party room as well as inflate guitars and
microphones. They can serve as a party favors.

Life-size cut out of any of your daughters favorite rock and roll star would be a great photo opportunity for all the guests invited to the event.

Here is some of my favorite activities

Rock Star Hair Saloon:

You can purchase color spray, hair jell etc. and create rock star hair do’s for all guest upon their arrival. Possibly bit of makeup too.

Rock Star Boutique:

You can have lots of funky outfits and accessories (glasses, boas, jewelry etc.) and let the guess explore and find their new rock star identity .


Now that everyone has their new look and identity it is time for them to show their talent. You can call this a show time or talent contest.

Karaoke machine would come handy for this one. You can assign a grown up to be the MC introducing “rock stars” and their act. Kids can sing and dance, show a special talent, lip sync etc. They can
perform in groups or do a solo act. Silliness should be encouraged for this one!

Even the coolest preteens still like to get goofy, trust me on that. You can take Polaroid photos of kids with their funky hair do’s and outfits and have them create their own record or CD label as
an art project.

I highly recommend having someone video taping the whole event. It would be great fun to watch the video after the event. You can even make a copy of the video for each guest as a party favor.

2 or 3 dimensional guitar cake is what I do for my “school house rock party theme”. Or you can simply turn the round cake as a record or a CD.


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