Five year old twin birthday party ideas: A bug birthday

Have preschoolers or kindergarteners coming over for a birthday party? Here are some ideas for a fun bug-themed party!

Twins birthday party


My twin girls are going to be 5 soon. Do you have any ideas for a fun birthday party appropriate for preschoolers and kindergarteners?

The expert answers:

I recently threw a bug theme party (butterflies, bumble bees and ladybugs ) for 5-year-olds and it was a blast!

We made butterfly wings (for girls) and bumble bee wings (for boys) and antennae headbands for girls and boys as an art project. I pre-made the wings and have the kids decorated with
glitter pompoms, feathers, stickers and fun foam shapes.

Right after the art project, kids put on their wings and antennae’s and we did a “bug parade.” They all looked simply adorable!

I purchased variety of plastic bugs and hide them around the back yard before the party. I’ve got nature observer sets for each guest as a party favor. Kids went on a ‘bug hunt’ using their
observer tools.

We played “Caterpillar Limbo” using a green pool noodle — just decorate it to look like a caterpillar with antennas and a silly grin.

“Catch the Bug from the Tail” is another fun and simple game you can play: Choose one player to be the head and another to be the end. Everyone else gets to be part of the bug’s body. Attach piece
of long fabric around the waist of child playing the end, leaving at least a foot of excess fabric trailing behind.

Ask everyone to line up (head first, end last), and hold onto the waist or hips of person in front. The goal of the game is for the child playing the head to catch the scarf. The bug body will
twist and turn but cannot break. The child wearing the “tail” should avoid being caught. Once caught, the end becomes the head, and everyone else shifts back one spot before playing again.


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