Low Carb Halloween Spider Eggs

This low-carb appetizer is perfect for your Halloween party!

Makes 16


8 large hard-boiled eggs

2 tablespoons mayonnaise

1 teaspoon mustard

1/4 teaspoon salt

16 small black olives

1 teaspoon pimento, chopped


1. Peel eggs; slice in half. Scoop out yolks; blend with mayonnaise, mustard and salt. Fill whites with yolk mixture.

2. Slice eight of the olives in half; arrange one half-olive in the middle of each yolk to serve as spider body. Slice off the last quarter of each of the eight remaining olives; arrange the
smaller circles cut-side down in front of the bodies to serve as heads.

3. Thinly slice each of the remaining olives into six “legs” each. Arrange legs around spider bodies, hanging over sides of eggs. Place tiny bits of pimento as eyes to complete the effect.

Per serving: 0.5g carbs, 0.1g fiber, 3g protein, 4g fat, 94mg cholesterol, 104mg sodium, 52 calories


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