Parties for twins and multiples

Do multiples mean multiple cakes, gifts and parties?

It’s no wonder that preparing to celebrate a birthday for twins or more can render parents a bit nervous. Don’t fear. It is certainly possible to provide a fabulous party without borrowing the
inhabitants of a barnyard, permanently traumatizing anyone or breaking the bank.

First and foremost

The occasion of The First Birthday is viewed as monumental by most. After all, gone is the era of sleepless nights, waking/sleeping/eating scheduling challenges, the introduction of solid food, and
possibly weaning off of the formula that’s ruined nearly every couch and carpet in your home.

While each of these successes provides great cause for celebration, keep in mind that at this age, not only will the babies not remember the festivities, they will likely sleep through them.
Instead, this is a fantastic opportunity to throw yourselves — the weary parents — a party (disguised as a first birthday party, of course) to celebrate all that you’ve survived this past year!

This is perhaps your one and only opportunity to make all birthday party choices in the areas of decorations, food, cake flavor and design, and most important, beverages. So, take all the liberties
you’d like. Just don’t forget to have your camera at the ready so that you can document your children’s every moment sleeping, screaming and otherwise happily celebrating.

Let them eat cake

Single cake

It’s often fun — especially at a first birthday party — to give each child his or her own cake, often called a “smash cake” because that’s all a child this age might do with it!
Many bakeries will gladly create adorable miniature versions of the larger cake intended to serve the adults and older children.


Another option is to bake cupcakes for the kids and present one to each of your birthday babes when it’s time to sing “Happy Birthday.” A few things of which to be aware: First, many
one year olds do not like sprinkles or any sort of solid decoration atop their dessert. If you’ve adorned your treats with such d�cor and this is the case, be prepared for the
cake/cupcake to go flying across the room and possibly land on the back of Grandma’s freshly coiffed hair.

Second, many one year olds determine rather quickly that they like the icing so much that they aren’t going to move on to the cake portion — ever. Be prepared by having extra icing ready and
outfitting your children with bibs that cover their entire fronts, arms and hair if you want to avoid having to do complete baths between lifting them out of their highchairs and placing them back
on the floor.

Plan ahead

Finally, one year olds are notorious for falling asleep at the very moment at which their mothers decide it’s time to cut the cake. If documenting the cake portion of the celebration
is critical for the scrapbook you’ll some day get around to creating, begin the party with the singing and cake cutting. It really is OK not to go in typical birthday party order; after all,
nothing else about the last year has been normal, so why start now?

Keep going for more multiples party tips.


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