How to have a birthday party when your family doesn't get along

Oct 13, 2008 at 12:03 a.m. ET

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Due to dueling families, two parties for my son's first birthday will be a must. One of the parties will more than likely only include a few adults. What should consume our time? I want everyone to have fun and not be bored.

The party expert answers:
First of all please remember your family is getting together to remember your and your son's very special day. Sometimes we get so caught up in making our event great for everyone else that we tend to forget why and what we are celebrating. As far as grown-up entertainment, do something different. Invite your guest to be a kid for a day. Let them experience the joy and freedom of letting loose and being child-like and silly again. Play musical chairs, have a hula hoop and limbo contest, give them funny prizes. Have them create silly hats and sock puppets. Get a pinata. Take Polaroid photos for your son's first birthday scrap book.

Karaoke would be great fun too. You can rent a karaoke machine for a day. If you have a really small group, why not consider taking them to a local amusement park and have a picnic lunch followed by a cake. Please "celebrate for yourself." My happy wishes to you and the little birthday guy.