How to have a child’s birthday party on a budget

What are some great ways to cut costs when planning your child’s next birthday party? Here are some tips to help you stick to your birthday budget and still plan a fun birthday party for your kids.

Girls at birthday party

Plan a party on a budget

A child’s birthday party does not need to cost a fortune!

You can start saving by making your own decorations out of construction paper and use paper streamers to jazz up the party room. Have your child help you draw “decorations” for their party. This is
one area where creativity is a big, big plus!

Then, instead of purchasing a cake, make your own. If you’re looking for some interesting alternatives to the typical cake and ice cream as birthday party fare, several sites — including and right here at (see below) — have many inventive recipes for children’s parties.

For example, here are a few clever and creative recipes for party treats:

Some fabulously fun ideas

Do you think your child will enjoy having a party with brownie eating contests, Gummy Bear Hide and Seek, Gather the Candy games and more? Find out How to have an old fashioned birthday party for kids!

Depending on your party theme, some more great ideas include:

Here are some fun food-related activities:

And don’t forget! You need some goodies to give away.

Making each aspect of your party unique will make your celebration a truly memorable one! For more ideas, check out our article, Parties: Why not do it yourself? — and have a great time!


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