How to have a birthday party for preschool children

Planning a birthday party for a preschooler can be challenging. There may be older siblings involved, and how do you engage the little cowboys in a ballerina birthday theme? Here are some helpful tips to help you plan a birthday party for your preschooler.

Preschooler on her birthday

Careful planning can help keep 10 active preschoolers entertained for two hours. Start before the party by sitting down with your child and discussing the party with him or her. Find out what
activities and games interest them the most along with what kind of theme they want to have for their birthday party. Have more activities than you plan to use prepared in advance. Activities often
take less time than planned and you want to keep the children busy. Make sure to also keep the party moving along and the children will be too busy to get bored!

Should I hold an elaborate party or a simple get-together for my preschooler?

The Party Expert answers:

Simple themed parties (ie Blue’s Clues or The Comfy Couch) seem to work best for children of this age. Keeping the party short and focused on one theme also helps the children have the best time
possible. Birthday offers over 110 party themes for you to choose from. Have your child help select the theme for the best party ever!

I don’t want to have my son’s fourth birthday party at my house. Where are some good places to have a party that don’t break the bank?

The Party Expert answers:

Great places to hold birthday parties that won’t break the bank include parks, community centers, swimming pools with water wings, zoos, aquariums, gymnastics centers and skating rinks. If you
belong to a club, ask if they have any space where a birthday party can be held. Many clubs will give their members a reduced rental rate. Make sure to look around your neighborhood and birthday
party locations will jump out at you!

What is an appropriate length for a 3-year-old’s birthday party?

The Party Expert answers:

The appropriate length for a 3-year-old’s birthday party is 1-1/2 hours or less. For children from three to six years old, two hours or less is plenty enough time to have fun and create memories.
Up to three hours is fine for older children.


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