Feed the hungry with a simple mouse click

As you prepare your Thanksgiving feast, don’t forget to feed the hungry. Donating online is easier than you think, and won’t cost you anything. Our Techie Mama tells us that feeding the hungry can be as simple as clicking on to a Web page.

Woman on computerI want some

You can definitely tell when it’s dinner time in my household. My 10-month-old reaches in my shirt and pulls at my bra strap. If I don’t oblige her hunger pains right away, she’ll begin to
cry–soft and pitiful at first, then increasing to a wail.

My three-year-old son gets cranky and whines, “I want some milk!” When I begin to fix dinner, he’ll cry “I WANT some.”

My children’s cry for food is very temporary, as I can soon fill their bellies with the nutritious food they need. But what if they were crying for food, and I couldn’t feed them? My heart breaks
at this scenario, yet there are many children around the world who go to bed with aching, empty stomachs each night.

Click to donate

There’s an easy way to participate in helping to feed the hungry. The Hunger Site allows site visitors to donate food just by clicking on a button. The main
page of this site reveals startling statistics ? “Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger. 75% are children.”

The first thing you’ll want to do when you visit this site is to click on the yellow button on the main page that says “Donate Free Food.” You’ll see a message on the next page that says “THANK YOU
for your donation of 1.0 cup(s) of staple food to a hungry person, paid for by:” followed by logos of supporting sponsors.

Participants can click on the “donate food” link once a day. It doesn’t cost anything to take part. Instead, the sponsors shell out the money for the food-clicks.

Right now, sponsors pay one-half cent for every click. That half-cent buys the equivalent of a quarter cup of cooked food. So far, more than 11,000 metric tons of food has been donated through the
site. That’s almost 200 million cups of food.

Other ways to participate

If you want to help out even more, click on the sponsor logos. By doing so, you can help persuade companies to continue paying for the food. Another way to donate food is by signing up for IMPACT!
– The Hunger Site Newsletter. The free e-mail newsletter is available when you fill in a form with your e-mail address and your name.

Browse through the Hunger Site’s shopping village to explore the offerings of more than 100 of the Web’s top retailers. For every dollar you spend here, a cup of food will be donated. There’s no
additional cost to you.

Spread the word

Continue helping by telling your friends and family about the site, and even putting a link to the site on your own Web page. Another idea is to make the Hunger Site your start page so you have an
easy reminder to make your daily click.

It’s such an easy way to feed the hungry. Why not take time to click today?


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