Thanksgiving leftover ideas and wine pairings

Try these unique and tasty ideas for your Thanksgiving leftovers. Recork and refrigerate your wine and you can enjoy it with these meals, too! Andrea Immer suggests some pairings.

turkey sandwich turkey leftoversLeftover
favorites and wine suggestions

Enjoying great food and wine doesn’t have to end when the last fork falls at the holiday dinner table. In fact, next day leftovers can be as inspired as the actual holiday food spread. And, just
like food, wine can be preserved for three to five days by simply recorking and refrigerating. If you have a variety of leftover wines or want to try a new wine with your next-day meal, check out
this handy matcher.

Turkey sandwich on a dinner roll with dressing and cranberry sauce

Wine: A red Zinfandel with its spicy, peppery quality enhances this popular leftover.

Spicy turkey chili

Wine: The fruit flavor and spiciness of a bold, red Shiraz (Syrah) pair well with this dish’s fiery undertones.

Ham and cheese macaroni

Wine: The lemon/lime tartness of a Pinot Grigio cuts through the rich cheese and makes a comfortable companion to this American classic.

Turkey potpie with carrots and onions

Wine: The light fruitiness and good acidity of Beaujolais mingle well with the pie’s creamy sauce and light flaky pastry.

Grilled ham and Swiss cheese sandwich

Wine: Slightly fruity and softer on the palate than a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot marries well with this popular duo.

Red beans and rice with a ham hock

Wine: A Chianti has enough body, fruit flavor and acidity to give this bold flavored dish added pizzazz.

Turkey quesadillas with spicy jack cheese

Wine: Chardonnay with its full, round fruity flavor melds well with this cheese and turkey combo.


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