14 Christmas fashion items so ugly, you’ll love them

Christmas, it’s the one time of the year when festive fashion crimes are pardoned. This Christmas, tacky is back in full force and it seems the more festively feral, the better. In fact, ugly Christmas clothing is so popular, OppoSuits, an Amsterdam company which prides itself on Christmas ugly, sold out in 48 hours of its Christmas collection going on sale. But never fear, SheKnows is here with inspiration for your Christmas ensemble.

Image: vfowler via Flickr

1. A hat that’s a little fowl

You’re likely to get a good roasting if you turn up on Christmas Day with a turkey hat, but it’s only because your friends and family are jealous.

Woman with a Turkey on her head

Image: Put That On Your Blog

2. Dare to be different

Ugly prancing reindeer leggings are the perfect accessory to a festively feral Christmas jumper.

Christmas leggings

Image: Amazon.com

3. The leggings you’ve dreamed about

The epitome of Christmas glamour can never be reached without a pair of The Nightmare Before Christmas leggings.

Nightmare before xmas pants

Image: Black Milk

4. A bit of shine at Christmas time

Give your legs the Christmas bauble effect with a pair of skintight leggings.

Image: Instagram/Em_ad23

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5. Get spruced up

Branch out and take your ugly Christmas jumpers to the next level by going 3-D.

6. Orange is the new black

Perhaps this is a fashion crime one should go to jail for?

7. Be a fox in socks

What man would be able to resist after seeing you in this festive footwear?

8. Rock a Christmas onesie

There’s nothing more revoltingly cute than wearing a onesie as a twosie.

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9. Slightly creepy, but cool

OppoSuits in Amsterdam might have sold out of its Christmas collection, but there’s nothing stopping you from grabbing a crochet hook and some of Nana’s leftover wool.

10. Really baaa-d taste

No Christmas is complete without a punny jumper.

Feliz Navidad shirt

Image: Zazzle.com

11. Who needs 3-D glasses?

Not only are these jumpers coming at you in 3-D, they also light up.

12. Suit up for Christmas

If you’re planning to suit your man in festive style, you might want to start planning for Christmas 2015, because the Christmas suits from OppoSuits sold faster than you can blink.

13. A little bit of fluff

Perfect if you feel a little frozen on Christmas Eve.

Image: Flickr/TheUglyChristmasSweaterShop

14. Radiant in red

We’re sure when Chris de Burgh wrote his song, “Lady in Red”, it was inspired by this photo.

Image: Flickr/PaulaSatijen

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