10 Secret Santa gift ideas for the RedditGift exchange

Buying gifts for the family, friends, the dog or organising a Secret Santa gift exchange at work can often be, without sounding like a scrooge, a logistical nightmare. Now, imagine trying to organise Secret Santa for more than 200,000 people. Sounds impossible, right? Well, not quite.

Last year, the Guinness World Record for the largest Christmas Secret Santa gift exchange was set by RedditGifts, with a mind-blowing 85,000 people taking part.

This year, they’re looking at smashing that record and are hoping to get more than 200,000 people to exchange Christmas gifts with strangers all around the world.

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So far, more than 147,000 people have signed up to the gift exchange (I’m #139,714) and if you’re worried about getting a dud gift, just remember that the likes of Bill Gates have signed up to the gift exchange in the past. Who knows, you might just get a high-profile computer magnate buying you a Chrissy present this year.

Reddit’s users are generally techy types — the Star Wars lovers, the regular gamers, the cat video watchers — and everyone who signs up is encouraged to spend around $20 on their Secret Santa gift.

DIY Christmas gifts: 4 Homemade Christmas gift ideas

Some presents are undoubtedly going to be more popular than others, so if you are thinking of signing up, do away with the scented candles and beauty products. Here’s what Reddit users are probably going to want for Christmas this year.

Anything related to Star Wars:


Cat mugs. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this face with their morning cuppa?

A charity donation, a la Bill Gates:

Ninja Turtles costumes:

Drumstick chopsticks:

Customisable lego mugs:

Hello Kitty toasters:

Pokémon hair clips. Gotta catch ’em all!

Bacon-flavoured anything:

Tech-inspired decor:

Have you signed up to the RedditGifts Secret Santa gift exchange? Share your Secret Santa wish list below.

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