The ultimate Father’s Day gift: A fully stocked bar

If your dad has always fancied himself a connoisseur of cocktails and thinks he may have missed his ultimate calling as a dancing bartender, then why not deck out his man space with a fully equipped bar this Father’s Day?

It’s safe to say that any bloke who has a deep-seated desire to be a bartender has been inspired by Tom Cruise’s 1988 movie, Cocktail.

However, Dad doesn’t have to apply to be a bartender when he can do it at home. All he needs is a fully stocked bar. What better opportunity than Father’s Day to make sure he has everything he needs?


You don’t need to blow your budget and buy liquor in all colours of the rainbow; just start with the bar essentials. Make sure you know what your dad and his mates like to drink.

What you might want to consider:

  • Gin — great for making martinis, Long Island iced teas, or straight on the rocks
  • Vodka — mix it with lime and soda or orange juice; it’s versatile and takes on the taste of whatever you are drinking
  • Tequila — necessary for margaritas; go for a high-quality option if you like it straight
  • Whisky — it’s great as a mixer, straight or on the rocks
  • Flavourful liqueurs — chocolate liqueur, various schnapps flavours, or fruity liqueurs, like Chambord, allow you to make a large variety of cocktails
  • Mixers — tonic water, cola, juices, or ginger ale
  • An assortment of great Aussie beers
  • A few bottles of good wine


No great at-home bar is complete without an assortment of glassware. You don’t want Dad to be using the crystal glasses from the kitchen.

  • Martini glasses: Dad will be able to get his James Bond on with a set of Martini glasses.
  • Beer steins: Get continental with European beer steins. Dad will be able to host his very own Oktoberfest.
  • Scotch glasses: These are for the dad who likes his liquor straight or on the rocks.

Bar accessories

  • Double jiggers: These are perfect for measuring out the exact amount of cocktails when following recipes.
  • Deluxe cocktail shaker: Dad will have a much easier time making cocktails with the proper shaker.
  • Big Bad-Ass Book of CocktailsEverything Dad needs to know — from essential bar stocks, to how to salt glass rims, and over 1,500 recipes to experiment with. This cocktail recipe book is a must for any bartender. (Amazon, $10)

Beer fridges

  • Tropical glass door beer fridge: If you’re organising a joint present and your siblings are chipping in, then why not splash out on this super-cool beer fridge designed to cope with the harsh Australian climate. (Bar Fridges Australia, $593)
  • Adelaide Crows Coola Can Fridge: The party doesn’t have to stop indoors. This 40-litre top-loading electric bar fridge holds up to 60 cans and cools down quickly. (Team Bar Fridge, $435)

One expensive bottle of grog for that special occasion

Every dad needs that one special bottle that he can put away and store for an extra-special celebration. If you want to splurge on Dad, consider a bottle of Dom Pérignon Brut Vintage for $199.

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