The Squatty Potty and other products that can’t be real

Just when you thought you had everything you could ever want, along comes the Squatty Potty. The revolutionary item will transform your bathroom experience. It also got us thinking. What other hysterical products seem fake but are the real deal? You might want to add these products to your must-have list.


Perfect your pooping posture

The Squatty potty

Do you have terrible pooping posture, constipation, haemorrhoids, light bladder leakage, trouble with the flow? The Squatty Potty could be the answer to all your problems. The Squatty Potty is the easiest, safest and most convenient way to squat and allows your colon to fully relax while on the toilet. Before you poo-poo the idea as a fake, check out what Emmy Award-winning show The Doctors had to say about it. (Squatty Potty, from $60)


Kiss your kitty litter goodbye

Citi Kitty Toilet Training

No need to scoop your pussycat’s poop. You can say goodbye to kitty litter forever with the CitiKitty cat toilet training kit. Using the training seat, your cat will learn how to squat over the bowl. No more smell and no fuss in five easy steps. (Citi Kitty, US$25)

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Sleep anywhere, anytime

The Ostrich pillow

Now you can snooze anywhere and at anytime with the comfort of the ostrich pillow. It’s the only comfortable way to catch a few winks on a long-haul flight or in a quiet spot at work. It supports your neck, muffles noise and blocks light, so who cares if you look like a goose. (Thatiscool, $132)

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No more saggy bums

Nude butt lift

No need for cosmetic surgery. With the double-0 bottom bra, you get the cheeky lift you need to make your backside look perkier. It lifts and shapes your buttocks while flattening your stomach. (Bubble bodywear, US$43)


Forget ultrasounds

3D baby

And you thought 3D ultrasounds were an amazing way to capture an unforgettable picture of your unborn baby. 3D printing is now a reality, with 3D Babies offering you the opportunity to capture your fetus with a customised 3D doll-like model. With a selection of celebrity bubs to choose from, you don’t even have to get a replica of your own baby. (3D Babies, from $200)


Lap naps

Lap nap pillow

Does your partner enjoy sleeping with their head on your lap? While your lap might be warm and snugly, it can be hugely inconvenient, not to mention uncomfortable. You can solve this by buying a Hizamakura pillow, shaped just like a beautiful woman’s lap, with a choice of a red or a black skirt. (Japan Trend Shop, US$50)


No more bald spots

Caboki bald spot cover

If you suffer from thinning hair , the answer you’ve been looking for is Caboki. No-one can tell you are using it unless you tell them. It’s not like a shoe polish or spray-on paint, it’s a fibre that clings to your hair follicle like a magnet so it doesn’t even matter if it rains. (Caboki, $34)


Phone your furry friends

Phone your furry friends

Stay in touch with your furry friends via PetChatz, a video phone which allows you to interact with your dog or cat when you’re away. Using your smartphone or laptop, you can talk to your pets and hear and see them, as well as give them a treat and a comforting smell. (PetChatz, US$349)

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