Extravagant ways to say “I love you

Sigh. If only money was no object. At least dreams are free, right? We checked out some of the most extravagant ways you can say “I love you” for Valentine’s Day.


Jade Mountain Resort

Jade mounatin resort

Photo credit: Jade Mountain Resort

Words don’t really do this majestic sanctuary justice. This is a technology-free paradise where you can get back to nature and enjoy the company of your partner without any intrusions from the outside world. Jade Mountain Resort features sweeping views and a private infinity pool, making this a truly romantic location. Prices for a couple start from around $10,742 for seven nights.


Godiva Signature Truffles

Godiva truffles

An explosion of goodness erupts inside your mouth with each bite of these to-die-for truffles. They’re not any ordinary truffles; they’re world-famous and they come in creative flavours like Aztec spice, birthday cake, double chocolate with raspberry, crème brûlée and chocolate lava cake. A gift box of 26 pieces will set you back US$75.


A private island

A private island

A private island retreat is the kind of stuff dreams are made from and, depending on where you buy, it could cost you the same as a house in the middle of Sydney. For as little as $850,000 you could own Temple Island, 3 kilometres off the coast of Central Queensland. It has a private airstrip and a four-bedroom home.


Tiffany & Co. 16 stone ring

Tiffany and co. ring

Jean Schlumberger is the brilliant mind behind some of the world’s greatest jewellery masterpieces. This 16 stone ring is from the Quintessential Schlumbergercollection. It retails for $12,100 and features “X”, the symbol for kisses, in the dazzling design.


Super yacht


Set sail for the high seas in an exclusive luxury super yacht. Top of the range yachts feature gymnasiums, bars, spas, swimming pools and separate dining areas. Depending on your budget, some even have their own apartments. Prices vary depending on all the mod cons, but you’ll be looking at around $13 million.


Monster-sized TV

Samsung TV

Photo credit: Samsung/Facebook

Samsung has released the biggest home ultra high definition TV yet. At 110 inches, it’s a monster with 4K technology, which means four times the pixels of high definition. If you have a spare $150,000 lying around, it could be just the thing for your man this Valentine’s Day.


Gucci handbag

Gucci handbag

Photo credit: Gucci/Facebook

A girl can never have too many handbags. This Gucci deer leather bag retails for US$2,350. From the stitching to the inner leather, this is a bag worthy of someone special.


Vacheron Constantin watch

Vacherlon Constantin Watch

Photo credit: Vacheron Constantin/Facebook

The ultimate in luxury timepieces, Vacheron Constantin has been refining the art of watchmaking since 1755. The brand has been favoured by the rich and famous, including the likes of President Harry Truman and Napoleon. Depending on the edition, prices starts at around $30,000.

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Gold opulence ice cream sundae

For $1,000 for an icecream sundae, you’d expect it was made from gold. Well this one is: Gold you can eat. The world’s most expensive ice cream sundae is five scoops of Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream with Madagascan vanilla and edible 23-carat gold leaves, drizzled with chocolate, exotic candy fruits, truffles, and golden passion caviar. Add to that the airfares to Washington, D.C. and it will cost you a tidy little packet to dine at Serendipity 3.


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