10 Valentine’s gifts for him (that are secretly for you)

Strategic thinking is required when it comes to buying Valentine’s gifts, ladies. Chances are, if your bloke is not the romantic sort, he thinks Valentine’s Day is just another day and he couldn’t care less whether he gets a present or not. So we’ve found 10 gifts for him that you can benefit from.

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A nice bottle of aftershave

Is your guy the type that is happy to douse himself in supermarket-brand deodorant? You know the budget-priced, asthma-inducing, clear-a-room kind of aerosol sprays? Or perhaps he’s stuck in the 1980s, wearing Brut 33 or the kind of aftershave your dad used to wear because it’s cheap. Maybe he prefers the natural aroma of dirt, sweat and real man. An expensive bottle of your favourite aftershave will have him smelling delectable.

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Day spa treatments for couples

What better way to unwind than to spend a day being pampered at a day spa? Start out with a pedicure, enjoy a couple’s massage and wind up with a facial. If he’s a blokey bloke, there might be some initial resistance, so it may be advisable to blindfold him and drive him to the surprise destination. Prices vary depending on treatments.


A wardrobe makeover

Does the sight of your man in footy shorts, a moth-eaten jumper and socks he’s had since high school make you embarrassed to be seen with him in public? He may need a personal shopper if he has zero style factor and refuses to take advice from you. David Jones stores provide a personal shopping service, so book him an appointment, get him a voucher and tell him not to come home until he has one respectable outfit.


Romantic getaway

Always wanted a night at a posh hotel? Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get your other half off the couch. Who can resist an executive suite with a spa, room service and a fully-stocked minibar?


Concert tickets

Surprise your guy with concert tickets. It’s no fun going alone, so you might as well get two to the gig — one for him and one for you. As much as you want to see Jason Derulo or James Blunt, try to pick a band you know he will enjoy, like the Rolling Stones or Queens of the Stone Age.


Sexy lingerie

Now you can justify a shopping trip for new matching bras and knickers. Try to purchase something a little saucy that no man will be able to resist and treat him to his own sexy striptease in the privacy of your bedroom.



The bigger the box of chocolates, the better; there’s no way he’s going to sit down and eat a box of chocolates big enough to feed a family of four without sharing them. Besides, if there are too many to count, he’s not going to notice the odd handful go missing from the fridge.

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Dinner at a romantic restaurant

Why go to all the trouble of cooking and cleaning up afterwards when you can pay someone else to do it all for you? Insist on taking your man out to dinner at an A-list restaurant you’ve always wanted to try out but he’s always insisted was out of his budget. You’ll need to book the more exclusive restaurants weeks in advance, so make sure you don’t leave planning to the last minute or you may end up at McDonald’s.

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DVD box sets

There is nothing that compares with watching your favourite TV series on DVD, back-to-back with no ads. There’s no suspenseful wait until the following week to see what happens. Choose a TV series you both like and settle in for a snuggle and a TV-watching marathon. Order in his favourite takeout so you don’t have to cook and you’ve got yourself a perfect Valentine’s night in.


3D ultra-high-definition smart TV

Every man wants a big TV with all the mod cons, and the bigger, the better. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you get to benefit from it, too. If you’re swimming in cash, you might want to check out the new 4K definition (ask in-store to see the new TV technology). It’s so crystal-clear that even 2D almost looks like it’s 3D. Sony has just released a 65-inch LED television using the new 4K ultra-high-definition and it really has wow factor.

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