5 Signs that you’re becoming a grinch

Are fairy lights making you feel irritated? Do you want to throttle innocent in-store Santa Clauses? We hate to say it, but you may be becoming a grinch. We reveal the symptoms and how to get yourself in the holiday spirit.

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You catch yourself ranting to random strangers
about the capitalist scheme that is Christmas

All of us, at one time or another, will probably get sick of the rampant consumerism that surrounds Christmas. With the bombardment of advertising that accompanies the festive season, it may seem that the true meaning of Christmas is taking a backseat to the hype of buying the trendiest presents. But, if you’re finding the blatant marketing too much to bear, then why not inject some meaning into your personal holiday season?

Invest in some gifts with meaning — for example, presents with a charity focus. We love the Lush Charity Pot Body Lotion, a hand and body lotion made with skin-softening cocoa butter and almond oil. Every cent you pay for it (excluding GST) goes to the Lush Charity Pot Fund, which helps fund grassroots charities working on behalf of the environment, animal protection and for human rights (Lush, $15).


The mere sight of tinsel and
baubles makes you irritable

If a vista of fairy lights and elves makes you see red, then it may be time to do some serious soul-searching. Your negative reaction to Christmas decorations may have nothing to do with Christmas, after all. Many of us feel blue around the holiday season. All that “Christmas cheer” can sometimes have the opposite effect, making us reflect on what we feel is wrong with our lives.

Try simply to appreciate the decorations for what they are — a visual representation of the excitement of the season — rather than harbingers of doom. Hey, you can even go wild and string up a few fairy lights at home. We’re not saying that you need to invest in a 20-foot inflatable Santa Claus, but taking physical steps to embrace the Christmas spirit may help your attitude get into gear, too.

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The thought of hosting Christmas
lunch makes you want to scream

If you happen to be hosting Christmas at your place this year, then you have your work cut out for you. Between making the house sparkle, preparing a roast with all the trimmings and wrapping a truckload of presents, you’ll likely be run off your feet on Christmas Day and for the week beforehand.

But, if you’re feeling more miserable than mildly stressed, then take a step back and breathe. No Christmas Day is going to be perfect. No-one will mind if your meal timings are a bit off and your Christmas tree is a tad wonky. Your family and friends will simply be grateful that you’re going to the effort of hosting the day. Once you stop trying to plan the “perfect” event, you may actually have fun putting it all together.

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Your dearest wish is to escape
to a tropical island on Christmas Day

While wanting to flee the country on Christmas Day may be a tad grinch-like, there’s actually nothing too wrong with it. Christmas can be very full on, so you may feel like you need a break this year — no tree, no turkey; just sand, sun and a good book.

Sadly, your dream getaway may not be possible in practice. Family obligations may keep you here on Christmas Day regardless of whether you’d rather be sipping cocktails on a remote beach somewhere. But, even if your mum would kill you if you missed Christmas, why not plan your break for immediately afterwards? That way you have something to look forward to, and who knows — the promise of a holiday after all that Christmas Day mayhem may help you relax and enjoy the day itself.


You (very obviously) roll your eyes
every time someone mentions Christmas

If a loud sigh and an eye roll has become your automatic response if someone so much as mentions the holiday festivities, then you need to pull back a little. Just because you’re feeling resentful towards the Christmas season, doesn’t mean you need to ruin the mood for those who are looking forward to it! Put yourself in their shoes — if you were excited about something and were greeted with an exaggerated eye roll, you’d probably be a tad miffed. So to avoid eliciting bad feelings from others, try to rein in your responses. If you don’t want to talk about Christmas, change the subject. It may also help to examine your feelings and figure out exactly why you’re feeling so blue about the whole thing — chances are your bitter feelings have nothing to do with Christmas itself.

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