10 DIY Christmas gifts you actually want

It’s Christmas time and you want to give a gift that’s truly heartfelt. What better gift to give than something you’ve made yourself?

We’ve all seen those Pinterest fails — the epic disasters that are crafts gone wrong. Or maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of one of Aunt Selby’s hideous crocheted coathangers. But handmade doesn’t have to mean homey — in fact, there are some gorgeous DIY gift options out there that you don’t need any special skills to reproduce.

If you’re committed to a handmade Christmas gift, we’ve got your back. Here are 10 of the best DIY gifts on the web — something for absolutely everyone. You’re welcome.


The gardener

DIY terrarium kit instructions

Photo credit: Wit and Whistle

They’re the ultimate low-maintenance indoor garden and they’re also pretty darn cool with their own climates and such. Terrariums are awesome, which means they are also awesome gifts for the green thumb in your life.

But don’t hog all the fun by making it yourself — put together your very own DIY gift to give with these gorgeous DIY terrarium kit instructions from Wit and Whistle.


The photographer

custom fabric camera straps

Photo credit: Design*Sponge

Photographers are popping up everywhere these days, aren’t they? If you have a loved one with a budding — or established — passion for photography, then you can’t go past these custom fabric camera straps from Design*Sponge. Simply choose a fabric that suits the recipient — better still, choose a few so they can mix and match — and get sewing!


The foodie

DIY chalkboard cheese tray

Photo credit: Hello Lidy

They may be chalk and cheese, but there’s no denying this gorgeous DIY chalkboard cheese tray from Hello Lidy is a match made in heaven.

The foodie in your life is going to love having their very own cheese board on hand for all those important late-night wine and cheese dos. You can use any type of board for this — flat, tray, round — pair it with some select cheese and a nice drop and you’ve got a gift almost anyone would envy.


The beach baby

shark hoodie

Photo credit: Crazy Little Projects

Whether it’s the pool or the beach, it’s time to take your kids there in style. Enter the shark hoodie — a fun little DIY from Crazy Little Projects that is sure to get lots of use. When it’s all sewn up, pop it in a beach bucket, complete with spade and inflatable beach ball, for the ultimate water baby gift.



sweet orange lip balm

Photo credit: The Art of Homemaking

Bags and lipstick — is there anything more perfect for your bestie? Especially when she knows both were handmade with love by your very own hands.

hand crafted stamped tote bag

Photo credit: Childerhouse

First, hit the kitchen to make this delicious sweet orange lip balm by The Art of Homemaking. It has coconut oil in it so it’s practically a health food. Then tuck it inside your very own hand-crafted stamped tote bag from Childerhouse — perfect for last-minute trips to the seaside.

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