The single girl’s guide to Christmas

Not looking forward to another Christmas being single? Take the SheKnows single girl’s challenge to spice up your festive season. Just because you’re alone, doesn’t mean Christmas has to be boring!

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Let’s face it, Christmas as a single girl lacks a bit of the festive magic, especially when everyone in your family is turning up to Christmas dinner with their significant others and kids in tow. So, to make things are little more interesting, we’ve compiled a list of dares, each of them are worth points. The more points you score, the more outrageous and fun your Christmas will be. You can even play with single friends. The lowest score needs to shout the other participants a round of drinks at New Year’s. Of course, participants must provide proof of completed challenges. The rest of the rules are up to you.

1-Point challenges

  • Whenever anyone asks you a question? Reply with, “That’s the way the Christmas cookie crumbles.”
  • While at a shopping centre, photobomb some little kids having their photo taken with Santa.
  • Buy a couple of cat collars with bells and wear them around your wrist so you can “Jingle All The Way”.
  • Every time someone wishes a merry Christmas, (even if it’s not addressed to you and no matter where you are in the house) yell in a loud voice, “And a happy New Year.”

5-Point challenges

  • Dress up like a sexy Mrs. Claus. Take a selfie and use the photo to make your own Christmas cards.
  • Each time someone exchanges a kiss, clamp your hands over your eyes and yell, “I can’t deal with this right now!”
  • Finish every sentence with your best “Ho! Ho! Ho!”
  • When you get handed a gift, feel the wrapping paper seductively and sigh, “Feels so good!”
  • Help yourself to food off someone else’s plate and say, “You don’t mind if I help myself do you?”
  • Phone your mobile phone provider helpline to wish them a merry Christmas. Don’t forget the rules if they wish you a merry Christmas.

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10-Point challenges

  • Cue to see Santa at your local shopping centre. When he asks you what you want for Christmas this year, whisper, “I want a man,” in his ear. You get 20 bonus points if you can read him out a naughty list of other things you’d like.
  • Sneakily swap the tags on the Christmas presents before they are opened. Chaos is sure to ensue when the family realises the gifts have been mixed up.
  • Imagine you’re madly in love with Mr. Perfect and compose a raunchy text message. Send it to your mum instead. You get an extra 10 bonus points if she replies with something spicier than nutmeg.
  • At Christmas dinner, offer to say the blessing for the food. Drag it out as long as possible, giving thanks for every item of food and every person by name. You get a bonus point for every minute the prayer lasts.
  • Give a random stranger a hug and tell them you sense they’re on Santa’s naughty list.

20-Point challenges

  • Volunteer to be the family Santa Claus — the person designated to hand out the gifts. Keep the biggest presents for yourself, even if they’re not for you. Rip them open with gusto and pretend it’s the best present you’ve ever received. Throw a hissy fit if someone tries to take the gift off you. Give yourself an extra 10 bonus points if you get to keep the gift.
  • Go door to door singing Christmas carols, except change the lyrics. For example: “We three kings of Orient are, one in a bus and two in a car. One on a scooter tooting his hooter, following yonder star,” or “While shepherds washed their socks by night all seated in a tub, a bar of sunlight sun came down and they began to scrub.” Give yourself 10 extra bonus points if they pay you to leave.
  • Wrap yourself in a big red bow or wrapping paper and turn up on the doorstep of the person you are crushing on.

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We accept no responsibility if you get arrested, disowned, or mocked for completing any of the dares. Enjoy!

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