Gift ideas for the soapie-obsessed fan

Being addicted to soapies is a lot like being a heroin addict. You can’t wait for your next fix. And beware anyone who dares to phone or text you during your favourite program. If you are a friend or related to a soapie junkie, then we have some great ideas for Christmas presents.

For the Home and Away fans

Gifts For the Home and Away fans

Tour Summer Bay

Journey to Home and Away‘s mythical beach town and explore Summer Bay. While Summer Bay doesn’t actually exist, you can visit the locations where the cast and crew film. If you’re really lucky, you might even spot the River Boys. Home and Away merchandise can be purchased from the Surf Club and a picnic lunch and drinks are provided. (Tours to Go, from $105)

Photo credit: Home and Away Tours
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Pay for a tattoo

Getting inked is a big decision, but any Home and Away fangirl over the age of 18 who has always wanted a tattoo will be thrilled at the idea of paying homage to the Braxton boys. Of course, having the words “Blood and Sand” in huge lettering across the chest region isn’t very ladylike, so perhaps a smaller version on the ankle would be more feminine.

Surf lessons

When Brax lived in Mangrove River, he was somewhat of a local surfing legend. Surf lessons provide the perfect opportunity to hang out and catch a wave at Summer Bay (better known as Palm Beach on Sydney’s northern shores). What better way to learn than having some one-on-one tuition? (Manly Surf School, $90)

Offical Home and Away collector’s edition magazine

Everything you’ve wanted to know about your favourite Home and Away stars — including interviews with the cast that you won’t see anywhere else, a giant double-sided pin-up, 12 gorgeous new posters, Summer Bay secrets and favourite flashbacks over 25 years — is now crammed into a collector’s edition magazine. (, $10)

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