10 Reasons to embrace winter

Jun 12, 2013 at 4:34 p.m. ET

After our long, hot summer, many Australians actually look forward to a bit of cooler weather… until it hits! Then our thin blood, diminishing tans and lacking winter wardrobe take their toll and we are over winter before it even begins!

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Don't be a hater, keep things in perspective with our top 10 reasons to embrace winter.


Try out a fake tan

No longer do you need to worry about turning orange. The quality of DIY fake tans and affordability of professionally-applied tans makes it an achievable and healthy option for all of us. Even if you aren't happy with the result, you can easily layer up until it fades.


Exercise minus the sweat

You don't have to worry about tan lines and sweat marks or a red face in winter. With a much shorter recovery time, you will have time to kill and you can actually look presentable enough to go in and grab that post-workout coffee at your favourite haunt instead of sneaking through the drive-through.

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Cooperative hair and beauty regime

Summer humidity can wreak havoc on hair, resulting in frizzy, unruly locks. Take advantage of the cooler, dryer air and wear your hair out or style it with confidence it is going to stay in place. As an added bonus, the lack of intense sun and sweat means your makeup lasts longer without sliding off your face and your legs don't need to be shaved quite so often because a) hair grows slower in winter and b) you'll be all covered up anyway.


Diverse travel

All of the extremes that Australia's climate is renowned for are on show during winter. You could experience the balmy evenings and warm waters of Northern Queensland or the magical, yet frigid, snowfields of Victoria. You could find yourself immersed in the changing leaves on deciduous trees around the Blue Mountains or in the flowering deserts of Western Australia; winter is the time to travel in Australia and explore our own backyard.


Fashion insight

Here in Australia we have the benefit of seeing what worked and what really didn't in the Northern Hemisphere's winter wardrobe. According to fashion commentator Jessica Stam from The Thread, the big fashion no-nos for this season are: wearing tights as pants or cut-off jean shorts with thigh-high boots.



The cool, clean, dry air allows for more vivid sunsets with rich colours reaching deep into the evening sky. Now that they are so much earlier, you have a greater chance of appreciating them before you rush through the dinner run and evening activities. Get out your camera and find a good vantage point to get snap-happy on the next clear winter day.

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Get creative in the kitchen

It's time to bring back the rich, oven-baked desserts and the slow-cooked comfort food. Take the time to rediscover spicy curries and soul-warming soups. All those foods that brought on a sweat just thinking about them over summer are now back in commission so renew your passion for cooking.



That personal space you craved in the heat has mysteriously disappeared and in its place are comfy throws and nestled bodies. Did you know that, apart from Christmas, more babies are conceived in the colder months than any other time of year? Hmmm...

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Cozy fires

There are few things as romantic or as peaceful as sitting in front of a raging fire with a glass of wine, chocolate and some good music in the background. Whether it is a fire pit in the backyard, a campfire or the realistic flickers of your own gas fireplace, there is something mesmerising about watching a fire and being swept to another time and place.


It's short

While parts of the Northern Hemisphere experience their first snow in October and last dump in April, we have a relatively short winter season. For the most part it is mild and fresh; a welcome reprieve from the humidity and scorching sun. In our north in particular, the weather is much more stable and is considered the "dry season" rather than winter.

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