Olympic party decorations

Show your support for our talented Aussie Olympians by throwing a celebration party in their honour. Invite your mates around and show your Olympic spirit with these great decorations and fun game ideas.

Olympic Rings in London

The summer games are almost here, so mark July 27 to August 12 in your diaries and start planning your supporter parties and celebrations. The Olympics are a great opportunity to celebrate our talented athletes, get your friends and family together, and show your loyalty.

Hosting your own Olympics party is a great way to show your support for Australia’s 2012 Olympians. Whether you hold it on the opening or closing ceremony nights, or when your favourite sport, athlete or team competes, one thing’s for sure: No Olympics party is complete without the decorations! Try out these great ideas to get into the spirit and join in the fun!

Olympic Games party decoration ideas

Olympic rings: Use the five key Olympic colours (green, red, yellow, black and blue) in your decorating scheme and incorporate it into the food you serve, the plates you serve it on and the table setting. Invest in a few round, coloured placemats to pop the communal dishes on, and arrange them like the Olympic rings in the centre of the table.

The torch: Rather conveniently, the flame theme works well for our Aussie winter! Set up a table and chairs outside with a brazier to keep you cosy, or head inside and stay toasty by the fireplace. You could even extend this fire theme to the food — why not cook a few steaks on the barbie, a stir-fry in the wok or sizzling dishes under the grill?

London: Celebrate everything English with novelty items like Union Jack flags and Underground tube maps on the walls. Keep to the red and blue theme with cocktails like cosmopolitans and blue lagoons. Serve traditional English meals like steak pies, bangers ‘n’ mash, or black pudding.

Aussie supporter: Embrace the classic green and gold theme, or encourage everyone to dress up as their favourite character from Aussie history (cue prime ministers, TV characters and native animals!).

Olympic-themed games to play

Get into the spirit of things and host a few fun games! It’s a great way to encourage your guests to mingle and to get to know each other.

Olympics trivia: Set up a few small teams and ask a series of Olympics-related questions from past and present games.

Olympic charades: Try a variation of charades where the name of a sport or athlete is pinned to each person’s back and they have to keep asking questions until they guess the answer correctly.

Backyard Olympics: Host your own Olympic Games in the backyard or public park! Kids of all ages will love it! You could set up teams or compete individually, and include lighthearted comps like three-legged races, as well as group games like soccer and cricket.

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